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Healthcare Blame Game, Live from Las Vegas!

Deepak Manmohan Goyal, MD, MBBS, MBA, joins Brad and Erika at HFMA Annual on June 27, 2024, to discuss his work as executive director for revenue cycle and supply chain at Monument Health in Rapid City, S.D. and the financial assistance program that has increased the system’s charity care by $7.8 million in its first year.

Erika Grotto July 22, 2024

FTC report levies strong criticism at the business practices of pharmacy benefit managers

Vertical integration by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), including with providers, is one reason to be concerned about the excessive reach of PBMs in the healthcare industry, according to an interim staff report issued this month by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). “Due to decades of mergers and acquisitions, the three largest PBMs now manage nearly…

Nick Hut July 17, 2024

Health system CEO tells Congress proposed 340B changes would be harmful to organizations like his

A health system executive visited Capitol Hill recently to provide the hospital perspective on the 340B Drug Pricing Program — a viewpoint that increasingly is coming under fire among policymakers. Matthew Perry, president and CEO of Genesis HealthCare System in Zanesville, Ohio, appeared at a House subcommittee hearing June 4 to give insight on why…

Nick Hut June 10, 2024

Healthcare Blame Game: What media and lawmakers don’t understand about hospital finances

In this episode, HFMA policy director Andrew Donahue discusses margins, investments and M&A and what measure tells the real story of hospital finance.

Erika Grotto May 23, 2024

Reviewing the Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) In Healthcare

As a response to recent financial crises that occurred in the U.S., the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update (ASU) No. 2016-13 – Financial Instruments – Credit Losses (Topic 326): Measurement of Credit Losses on Financial Instruments. Subtopic 326-20 of the ASU sets forth the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) model that…

HFMA May 16, 2024

Annual report on Medicare financing could reduce the immediate impetus to address longstanding issues

New data on the state of Medicare funding show short-term improvement while keeping the stakes high for ensuing decades. The annual report from Medicare’s trustees shows the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund (i.e., Medicare Part A) has enough money to keep beneficiaries covered and providers paid through 2036. That’s an increase of five years from the…

Nick Hut May 9, 2024

Seeking to improve healthcare for Medicaid beneficiaries, CMS issues a flurry of regulations

CMS over the last month published a trio of final rules intended to make the Medicaid program work better for beneficiaries, with implications for healthcare providers. The three rules address eligibility and enrollment, access and Medicaid managed care. Streamlining eligibility and enrollment The first rule addresses administrative barriers in an effort to simplify enrollment processes…

Nick Hut May 1, 2024

A new 340B dispute resolution process could create more opportunities for providers

Regulatory updates to the administrative dispute resolution (ADR) process in the 340B Drug Pricing Program seem likely to expedite the filing of claims over manufacturers’ refusal to offer discounts on drugs distributed at contract pharmacies. HHS and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), which administers the 340B program, published a final rule that modifies…

Nick Hut April 26, 2024

How a health system goes above and beyond in its price transparency efforts

By maintaining a patient-centric perspective, hospitals and health systems can find opportunities to look beyond regulatory requirements and incorporate top-class price transparency models, according to a recent online discussion. “We want to, first and foremost, empower and equip our customers to make informed decisions about their healthcare services and really shop for the best value,”…

Nick Hut April 22, 2024

Hospital advocates bemoan the small Medicare payment increase proposed for FY25

The payment increase described in Medicare’s FY25 proposed rule for acute care and long-term care hospitals falls well short of what hospitals need to keep up with costs, advocates say. The payment rate would rise by 2.6% for hospitals that fulfill quality-reporting requirements and meet the criteria to be designated as meaningful users of electronic…

Nick Hut April 11, 2024
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