HFMA Compensation Benchmarks

How does your salary compare to other healthcare financial professionals? How much do Healthcare Finance jobs pay a year? Analyze job titles and compare pay ranges to similar jobs across the healthcare finance market with HFMA's Compensation Benchmarks tool.

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The compensation benchmarks tool shows the average or market salary for each job and matches those across peer companies. Compare compensation benchmarks across healthcare finance jobs by leveraging multiple demographic filters such as region, organization type, gross revenue, and more to get a comprehensive breakdown of earnings potential.

Remove the guesswork. Employers and job seekers can now make data-driven decisions by having a clear picture of what the workforce looks like, developing benefits packages using regional- and industry-specific salary ranges, and ensuring adequate compensation across a range of healthcare finance fields.

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HFMA salary data is compiled using email survey responses.

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Compensation Benchmarks: Drill down to the data most relevant to you when you leverage filters across multiple demographic fields.

HFMA Compensation Benchmarks; Compare your salary to other healthcare finance professionals by leveraging multiple demographic data to get a comprehensive breakdown of earnings potential.

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