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Healthcare News of Note: 45% of consumers have at least 1 health-related social need

Over the past few weeks, I have found these recent industry news stories that should be of interest to healthcare finance professionals. 1. 45% of consumers surveyed have at least 1 health-related social need, says McKinsey & Company Forty-five percent of consumers report experiencing at least one health-related social need (HRSN), such as food insecurity,…

Deborah Filipek November 30, 2023

Congress doesn’t seem to be mulling a fix for the 2024 Medicare physician payment cut

Congress has mitigated a scheduled Medicare payment cut for physicians going into each of the last three years, but relief does not appear to be on the way for a fourth year running. Medicare’s 2024 final rule for physician payments includes a $1.15 decrease to the conversion factor, amounting to a reduction of more than…

Nick Hut November 27, 2023

It may be time to terminate legacy interest rate hedges

In a higher-interest-rate environment, improved valuations on fixed payer swap positions may provide an opportunity to terminate those positions. That decision will depend upon considerations related to capital structure goals and impacts on profit-and-loss statements and the balance sheet. Fixed payer swap rates are higher by about 100 basis points so far in 2023, 400…

Chuck Kirkpatrick November 22, 2023

Improving health outcomes while combating homelessness

Beth Sandor of Community Solutions discusses a pilot program in which health systems partnered with organizations in their communities fighting homelessness.

Erika Grotto November 20, 2023

Research Summary: 2024 Digital & IT Investment Trends

HFMA, with sponsorship from Guidehouse, surveyed 144 healthcare executives to understand their digital and IT investment priorities going into 2024. The survey found that 85% expected their organization’s digital and technology budget to increase in 2024. The top three priorities for investment included: cybersecurity infrastructure, EHR integration and modernization, and digital front door or virtual…

HFMA November 13, 2023

Elevate Your RCM Strategy: Key Questions Every Leader Must Ask

Dive into the critical questions every RCM leader should ask about their claims and clearinghouse vendor.

HFMA November 7, 2023

Healthcare News of Note: CDC says healthcare workers’ mental health depends on positive working conditions

Over the past few weeks, I have found these industry news stories that should be of interest to healthcare finance professionals. 1.  Positive working conditions represent the No. 1 thing healthcare organizations can provide to boost employee mental health Providing “positive working conditions” is the main thing healthcare organizations can do to help lessen burnout…

Deborah Filipek November 6, 2023

Healthcare Blame Game: Bigger may prove to be better in healthcare, despite critics’ take

Brad talks with Susan Dentzer, president and CEO of America’s Physician Groups, about why healthcare consolidation is more nuanced than critics understand.

Erika Grotto November 6, 2023

Leveraging investments to strengthen resilience: Key insights

The approach health systems take to balance sheet and treasury management varies significantly. One company's managing director dives into how organizations can take a balanced-scorecard method to investments using a tier system.

HFMA October 31, 2023

How healthcare organizations are tackling workforce issues in real time

Check out what a group of healthcare finance professionals said regarding workforce management issues including costs, candidate quality, contracting agencies and other issues that can impact a healthcare organization’s profitability in this roundtable discussion.

HFMA October 31, 2023
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