The Value Project

HFMA’s Value Project is designed to help healthcare organizations manage the transition to a more value-based payment and care delivery system

Improving Value in Health Care

Of all the transformations reshaping American health care, none is more profound than the shift toward value. Rising healthcare costs are creating more price sensitivity among healthcare purchasers, including government agencies, employers, and, of course, consumers themselves, who are being asked to pay higher premiums, copayments, and deductibles for their care. At the same time, today’s pressures make it financially imperative to develop collaborative approaches that combine strong clinical outcomes with effective cost containment. HFMA’s research on improving value in health care aims to help guide the transition from a volume-based to a value-based healthcare payment system.

The Healthcare Value Sourcebook includes all of HFMA’s Value Project research. 

Foundational Strategies for Improving Value

Foundational strategies include mastering an introduction to value in health care, developing key organizational capabilities for value, navigating with organizational road maps for value-driven health care, and defining and delivering value.

Advanced Strategies for Improving Value

Healthcare organizations will need to respond to—or create—the inevitable disruptions to healthcare delivery that will continue to emerge in coming years. Most healthcare leaders would agree that disrupting one’s own business model is preferable to being disrupted by others. A key success factor in this dynamic healthcare environment is grounding organizational strategies in value improvement to care purchasers.

After building a solid foundation in value-based health care, healthcare organizations can apply that knowledge to specific strategies, including acquisitions and affiliations, physician engagement and alignment, and reconfiguring cost structure, which are addressed in these research-based reports and toolkits.