Improving Value in Health Care: Foundational Strategies

Foundational Strategies

Improving Value in Health Care:

In an environment where high-value health care is increasingly an imperative, how can healthcare organizations improve the value of the care they deliver to patients and other care purchasers? To address these questions, HFMA conducted a multi-year research study, known as the Value Project, in collaboration with leading healthcare organizations throughout the country.

Introduction to Value in Health Care

Value in Health Care: Current State and Future Directions introduces four key organizational capabilities for building value and describes why the healthcare system will move toward greater provider integration and greater assumption of risk by providers.

Key Organizational Capabilities for Value

Learn about the four key organizational capabilities healthcare organizations will need to thrive in a value-driven healthcare market.

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People and Culture
Business Intelligence
Performance Improvement
Contract and Risk Management

Organizational Road Maps for Value-Driven Health Care

Explore value road maps for various types of healthcare organizations, based on HFMA’s work with 35 hospitals and health systems. 

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Common Issues for all Healthcare Organizations
Academic Medical Centers
Aligned Integrated Systems
Multihospital Systems
Rural Hospitals
Stand-alone Hospitals

Defining and Delivering Value

Read Defining and Delivering Value to gain insight into what purchasers and payers seek from high-value providers. Value metrics, business intelligence, and costing are also addressed. This report draws on interviews with 13 executives at organizations representing healthcare purchasers, payers, and government agencies, surveys of HFMA members, and interviews with healthcare organization finance officers.

Additional Resources

Meet the Value Steering Group

Meet the people who provided advice on project direction and findings as well as financial support of this research.