See the big picture of revenue cycle performance.

MAP App is a web-based revenue cycle tool that helps hospitals, health systems and physician practices compare performance against data from peer facilities to benchmark revenue cycle performance and align goals with the industry’s best practices. It’s an essential resource for healthcare providers seeking to improve upon their revenue cycle. With its comprehensive suite of resources and interactive tools, MAP App helps providers deliver better revenue cycle outcomes.

With the NEW MAP App Upgrade you can expect:

  • Enhanced reporting across the entire health system
  • MAP Key standardization
  • An entire new user experience + faster sign in
  • More training resources to support you and your organization
  • Online networking with your revenue cycle peers to share what’s working and best practices

And, MAP App still supports your ability to:

  • Compare performance to peer groups—that you customize
  • Track results over time and be alerted when performance changes

What MAP App Clients Have to Say

“MAP App is an essential component that helps us identify where we need to focus our efforts.”

Diane Vieira, MS, FACHE, FHFMA
Director of Revenue Cycle, Lowell General Hospital

“HFMA’s MAP App helps bring clarity to Nebraska Medicine’s revenue cycle improvement efforts.”

Jana Danielson, MS, FHFMA
Executive Director, Revenue Cycle, Nebraska Medicine

“MAP App allows us to access a community of engaged revenue cycle leaders and gain insights that enable improvement.”

Sterling Coker 
Chief Revenue Cycle Officer, Mercy 

The industry-leading benchmarking tool that allows for revenue cycle peer-to-peer comparisons.

How can MAP App help your organization succeed? Request a demo today.


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For MAP App Subscribers

MAP App Monthly Webinars will be held on the first Thursday of the month from 3PM-4PM ET and will function to bring all MAP App users together in a shared forum to learn helpful tips and insights from one another to improve your own experience.

Register today! You’ll be able to choose the series dates you’d like to attend and download calendar reminders.