MAP Award

The industry recognition of revenue cycle excellence, HFMA’s MAP Award for High Performance in Revenue Cycle recognizes organizations whose innovative and effective strategies have enabled them to achieve excellence in revenue cycle performance.

The 2024 MAP Award application is now open! There are five (5) MAP Award categories: hospitals, critical access hospitals, hospital systems, integrated delivery systems, and physician practices. Winners excel in meeting industry standard revenue cycle benchmarks (MAP Keys), implementing the patient-centered recommendations and best practices embodied in HFMA’s Healthcare Dollars & Sense™ initiatives, and achieving outstanding patient satisfaction.

Recipients are celebrated during HFMA’s Annual Conference, and at the upcoming Revenue Cycle Conference of the following year, they are acknowledged as industry leaders called upon to share proven strategies with HFMA members and other professionals. 

A Patient Financial Communications Adopter application is not required to complete Part One of the application. However, HFMA requires all hospitals, hospital systems, and IDS applicants to have either applied for or achieved PFC Adopter status by the time they submit part two of their application. Physician practices are not required to complete the PFC Adopter application at this time.  

The 2024 MAP Award application is now open and the deadline to apply for part 1 has been extended to April 15, 2024. For more information, review the MAP Award FAQs.

Winner Recognition

Highlights in:

  • Press Release distribution on the wires and posted to the HFMA website
  • hfm Magazine
  • including the Online Community
  • HFMA Social Media
  • E-Newsletters (HFMA Daily & Revenue Cycle Insights)

At the HFMA Annual Conference including:

  • Recognition Breakfast
  • On Stage Ceremony during a General Session
  • Photo Wall Opportunities

As well as:

  • Engraved Trophy
  • Recognition at HFMA’s Revenue Cycle Conference
  • Resource kit containing social media posts, press release template, winner logos, and more

HFMA’s Revenue Cycle Score Calculator

Benchmark Your Performance Against Past HFMA Award Winners! The Revenue Cycle Score Calculator compares your data to three years of historical applicant data. Once metrics are populated for all MAP Keys, the calculator provides your organization’s revenue cycle score and information about how previous applicants with similar scores fared when applying for the MAP Award. See how HFMA defines these MAP Keys (free guest account or membership required for logging in).

MAP Key Net Days A/R DNSP Billed A/R>90 Days POS Cash Collection % Cash Collection %
Desired Direction downarrow downarrow downarrow uparrow uparrow uparrow
Actual Metric days days % % % %
MAP Key Range 30 days-60 days 2 days-10 days 15.0%-30.0% 5.0%-35.0% 86.0%-100.0%
Range Points (0-100 pts)
MAP Key Weight (sum to 100%) 29.5% 25.5% 14.5% 12.5% 18.0%
Revenue Cycle Points
Revenue Cycle Score (100 pts Possible)

Application Information

HFMA’s MAP Award winners are determined through analysis of MAP Keys, narrative information, and additional materials collected during the application process. MAP Keys are publicly available. Your organization does not need to be a MAP App subscriber to apply. No preference is given to current MAP App subscribers nor is MAP App subscription an eligibility requirement.

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