Revenue Cycle Management Technology Adoption Model

A personalized approach to modernization.

HFMA + FinThrive

HFMA + FinThrive present the industry’s first Revenue Cycle Management Technology Adoption Model (RCMTAM). RCMTAM is a company-agnostic benchmarking assessment to help revenue cycle leaders prioritize and plan for technology modernization. Your complimentary RCMTAM assessment* journey begins today.

The healthcare industry is under financial strain and must act quickly. Leaders are assessing RCM digital transformation initiatives to boost organizational cash flow and financial wellbeing. There is now a proven way to measure RCM technology investments and performance.

RCMTAM will help:

  • Identify accomplishments and shortfalls in RCM performance
  • Improve financial outcomes, via personalized KPIs measured against industry benchmarks
  • Support technology transformation at all maturity levels

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Start moving towards revenue cycle modernization now.

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* Please note complimentary assessments apply to eligible healthcare provider organizations.