Strategic Planning

Video: The Cost of Care: ACOs, Medicaid, and Value-Based Care

Ken Perez, vice president of healthcare policy and Omnicell, provides insight into the future of ACOs, Medicaid, and value-based care.

HFMA March 31, 2017

One-Stop Shopping for Healthcare Services

As consumerism gains traction in health care, health systems are borrowing the imperatives of the retail industry, including by consolidating and reorganizing their services into central locations.

Lola Butcher March 22, 2017

Adapting Population Health Strategy in a Changing Environment

Although the future of healthcare legislation is uncertain, population health management will be foundational to navigating the changing environment.

Katherine W. Ziegler February 21, 2017

Strategic Financial Planning: Spring 2017

Subscribers can access the Spring 2017 issue of Strategic Financial Planning.

HFMA February 15, 2017

Don’t Triage Transformation

Charleston Area Medical Center Health System and Texas Health Resources are two of the most process-literate health systems in the country today, having dramatically redesigned their leadership and operations to prepare for value and improved performance over several years.

Kate Goonan February 14, 2017

2017 CFO Outlook Performance Management Trends and Priorities

To succeed in today’s changing healthcare environment, finance teams must be able to quickly and accurately distill complex data and translate it into meaningful insights for stakeholders.

HFMA February 14, 2017

RWJBarnabas Health Transforms Its Equipment Replacement and Service Strategy

New processes, coupled with decision-support software, have helped New Jersey’s largest health system save on equipment service and better plan for equipment replacement.

Laura Ramos Hegwer February 14, 2017

hfm Blog Archives: January-March 2017

Catch up on all of the hfm blog posts published between January and March 2017.

HFMA February 1, 2017

Productivity Growth Remains a Key Success Factor in the New Healthcare Economy

There is little question that 2017 will be another year of unprecedented change for health care, potentially signaling another positive step toward better aligning systems to achieve the Triple Aim.

Daniel R. Verdon January 31, 2017

Video: Taking Career Risks Can Pay Off

Joanne Judge, co-chair of the Health Law Department at Stevens & Lee, talks about risks she has taken as CFO, CEO, and as a healthcare attorney and how risk-taking has benefited her career. 

HFMA January 30, 2017
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