Strategic Planning

When Providers Become Payers

Health systems with strong market positions are offering their own insurance products or coordinating their clinical service offerings directly with employers.

Don Briones January 13, 2017

Video: Leadership and the Challenge of Fixing Health Care

Vivian Lee, MD, PhD, MBA, senior vice president and dean of the University of Utah School of Medicine and CEO of University of Utah Health Care discusses her career path and perspective on being a healthcare leader in this time of great change.

HFMA January 10, 2017

Healthcare Innovation: What’s the Return on Value?

Healthcare finance leaders have an opportunity in 2017 to shape the future for U.S. health care by helping populations, organizations, and individuals to thrive.

Daniel R. Verdon January 9, 2017

Getting Ready for 2017: Five Focus Areas for Medical Groups

Medical groups should focus on five key areas to optimize their position in 2017, with challenges looming in the areas of payment, consumer engagement, population health management, and provider alignment.

Lucy Zielinski January 9, 2017

Strategic Financial Planning: Winter 2017

Subscribers can access the Winter 2017 issue of Strategic Financial Planning.

HFMA November 10, 2016

Health Care 2020

This four-part series from HFMA is an environmental assessment designed to guide healthcare organizations in their strategic-planning efforts over the next several years.

HFMA September 7, 2016

Building a Sustainable Telehealth Program

To ensure their telehealth program is financially sustainable, healthcare organizations must establish appropriate objectives, be strategic about technology, understand the financial risk, and use suitable performance metrics.

Karen Wagner October 6, 2015

Acquisition and Affiliation Toolkit – Home

Introduction This toolkit is a companion to HFMA’s Value Project report on Acquisition and Affiliation Strategies. Consolidation is a rapidly evolving strategic focus for health care organizations. As the report suggests, new forms are continually appearing. This toolkit offers tools for assessing your organization’s situation, determining acquisition and affiliation options, and moving toward finalizing an agreement with an acquisition or affiliation partner. It also provides three examples scenarios to illustrate how these tools might be put to use in setting a course for your organization. Toolkit Directory We encourage first-time users of this toolkit to review the sections in the order listed below. You can then use this directory to navigate to particular sections of interest. Assessing Your Situation Organizational assessment Market assessment Common acquisition and affiliation goals Determining Your Options Common acquisition and affiliation approaches Identifying potential partners Educating your board Moving Forward Communicating your strategy internally Key steps in finalizing an agreement Example Scenarios A stand-alone hospital determines its consolidation approach An academic medical center aims for long-term sustainability A multihospital pursues a regional strategy and system-wide economies of scale

HFMA July 22, 2014
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