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Geeta Nayyar: Healthcare industry needs to take charge in refuting misinformation

In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Geeta Nayyar, MD, MBA, found herself captivated by the misinformation — and disinformation — spewed across social media. People were falling prey to lies, conspiracy theories and snake-oil hucksters, and in some cases, the bad advice killed them. The environment reminded her of another deadly misinformation crisis…

Lola Butcher April 30, 2024

Private equity investing showing signs of rebound

The Federal Reserve’s plan to begin reducing interest rates in 2024 will likely unleash private equity’s pent-up demand for physician practices and other healthcare services companies. “Everybody wants to transact,” said Bret Schiller, managing director and head of healthcare in corporate client banking at J.P. Morgan. “I think that, at the first rate cut we…

Lola Butcher February 12, 2024

OSF plans for value-based care in Medicaid

The majority (70%) of OSF HealthCare’s business is paid for by Medicare and Medicaid, prompting Mike Allen, FHFMA, MBA, the system’s CFO, to identify Medicaid as presenting the next big opportunity for assuming risk under a value-based care approach.  “Trying to wade into a value-based agreement for the Medicaid population is not for the faint…

Lola Butcher September 12, 2023

Norton Healthcare commits time, money to improving health equity

In June 2020, Norton Healthcare, the largest health system in Louisville, announced five imperatives to address health inequities, four of them being:   Start a health equity institute   Improve diversity in its leadership ranks  Educate its staff to advocate for health policy issues  Invest more money to address health needs in underserved areas  The remaining item…

Lola Butcher January 30, 2023

Norton Healthcare and other health systems are making big moves to reduce health inequity

When Louisville police officers killed Breonna Taylor, a young Black woman not suspected of any crime, in her home in March 2020, the president and CEO of Norton Healthcare took it personally.  “As an employer of 18,000 people and a very prominent organization in our community, we needed to be the ones to step up…

Lola Butcher January 30, 2023

Why addressing unexplained variations in care should be a healthcare system priority

Healthcare researchers believe Medicare could save $2 billion by using a cheaper drug for retinal disease, but some physicians don’t want to switch.

Lola Butcher October 3, 2022

More not-for-profit health systems opt to pay board members

The goal is to lure and keep qualified board members, who are becoming harder to find.

Lola Butcher May 31, 2022

How 3 hospitals developed COVID-19 vaccine programs to suit their unique needs amid questions about costs and supplies

With no best practices to use as a model, hospitals have developed COVID-19 vaccine programs that are tailored to their own situations.

Lola Butcher February 6, 2021

Possible ‘silver lining’ for rural hospitals seen in attention generated by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic creates an opportunity to focus attention on the fragility of rural hospitals, which may be able to secure needed support as a result.

Lola Butcher May 7, 2020

How hospitals can preserve cash amid rising costs, crashing revenues brought on by COVID-19

The need to preserve cash is becoming more acute amid plummeting revenues and rising costs. Leaders and industry consultants are getting creative in search of solutions.

Lola Butcher April 22, 2020