Author: Lola Butcher

Value-Based Payment Can Reduce Need for Preauthorizations

BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York has removed prior authorization requirements for more than 500 therapies, services, and procedures in conjunction with its move to value-based payments for primary care providers.

Lola Butcher January 10, 2019

Using a Lab Formulary to Improve Value

In an effort to improve the value of the care it delivers, Vanderbilt University Medical Center uses a multidisciplinary committee to determine which lab tests to make available to providers.

Lola Butcher December 18, 2018

Your To-Do List When Health Plan Contracts Change

Six steps can help revenue cycle leaders manage health plan changes effectively.

Lola Butcher December 3, 2018

Primary Care Clinic Increases Access Without More Providers

Saint Louis University General Internal Medicine primary care clinic reduced patient call and appointment wait times and added an average of 218 appointments per month after implementing an automated phone system and outsourcing scheduling.

Lola Butcher November 14, 2018

Success Factors for Getting High-Cost Drugs Approved

The University of Rochester Medical Center’s high-cost drug manager works to help patients get access to appropriate drugs and mitigates the financial risk associated with buying and administering them.

Lola Butcher October 9, 2018

Health System Demonstrates Meaningful Price Transparency Is Possible

Baptist Memorial Health Care’s online Expense Navigator allows patients to estimate out-of-pocket expenses according to their insurance status and check their eligibility for financial assistance.

Lola Butcher September 11, 2018

Providence St. Joseph Advances Online Scheduling

The Providence St. Joseph Health system sees healthcare delivery through consumers’ eyes. “We are trying to learn when patients want to see us, what they are looking for, and what kind of friction do they encounter when they interact with us in the traditional way?” says Sunita Mishra of Express Care, the health system’s retail clinic arm.

Lola Butcher September 10, 2018

Marshfield Clinic Finds Success with Home Recovery Care

Marshfield Clinic’s home-hospitalization program is replicating the results that other hospital-at-home initiatives have shown: high patient satisfaction, good clinical outcomes, and significantly lower costs of care.

Lola Butcher August 22, 2018

Payer access to EHR data improves cash flow

Sharp Healthcare gives some payers limited access to their members’ EHR data, which reduces the time-consuming cycle of level-of-care authorization denials, appeals, and ultimate approvals.

Lola Butcher July 18, 2018

Colorado Healthcare System Increases Price Transparency for Self-Pay Patients

SCL Health shows self-pay prices in two ways—an average for a specific service and the range of prices charged in the past year. This helps set realistic expectations when prices are above average based on varying factors.

Lola Butcher July 12, 2018
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