Author: Lola Butcher

Innovation in action: The genesis of the geriatric ED

An innovative idea sparked the concept of the geriatric ED, which now has its own accreditation process and is becoming a staple of hospitals around the country.

Lola Butcher August 2, 2019

Geriatric EDs improve care, reduce utilization

Main article: Innovation in action: The genesis of the geriatric ED Adults ages 65 and older account for about 18% of total emergency department (ED) visits, according to the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). That percentage has increased steadily in the past decade and will do so for the foreseeable future. There were 43…

Lola Butcher July 25, 2019

How Texas Health Resources improved patient access and preservice revenue

The health system uses a centralized preservice financial clearance department and automated dialers to contact 98 percent of scheduled patients before they receive services.

Lola Butcher June 17, 2019

8 initiatives for overhauling the patient financial experience

Consumers increasingly expect healthcare organizations to provide the type of convenience and efficiency that they are accustomed to receiving from retail and other industry sectors. Moving from “the way it’s always been done” to a customer-centered financial operation requires a major overhaul of processes and protocols, as illustrated by the effort at Atlanta-based Piedmont Healthcare.…

Lola Butcher June 11, 2019

Northwell Health Tackles Patient ID Matching

Patient-identification-matching problems are increasing as the healthcare industry consolidates. However, solutions are available to reduce duplicate record backlogs as demonstrated by an intensive effort at one health system.

Lola Butcher June 3, 2019

2 tech tips for efficiently contacting patients

A predictive dialer allows staff to spend their time talking to patients who are available for a conversation rather than trying to reach patients who are not.

Lola Butcher May 27, 2019

Health plan data helps physicians, but additional insight would improve outcomes

A patient-centered medical home program has fostered collaborative relationships between a health plan and participating providers, but one provider says the program would be even more effective if the data supplied by the health plan were more actionable.

Lola Butcher May 16, 2019

17 Seconds: Referential Matching Helps Reduce Duplicate Patient Records

Referential matching allows healthcare organizations to identify patient matches that their own records would not reveal.

Lola Butcher May 15, 2019

Data Sharing Tips for Value-Based Payment Arrangements

Value-based contracts require that provider organizations and health plans share data and information that they may not have shared historically. Details about that data-sharing must be established in contracts.

Lola Butcher February 6, 2019

Henry Ford Health System Joins Direct-Contracting Trend

Henry Ford Health System expects to succeed in its direct-contracting initiative with General Motors, thanks in large part to its capabilities in areas such as analytics, case management, and patient engagement.

Lola Butcher January 21, 2019
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