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How to Optimize Your Revenue Cycle through In-depth Assessment and Strategic Process Improvements

By adopting a comprehensive approach that includes regular assessment, process optimization, staff education and measurement, healthcare organizations can enhance efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately improve their financial health. Download this report to learn more.

Array February 20, 2024

Temple Health: Vendor-Neutral Managed Services Program Revolutionizes Staffing Operations & Cost Management

This case study focuses on how AMN Healthcare partnered with Temple University Health System to seek clarity on staffing and cost inconsistencies amid rising patient demand to build a more balanced workforce. Download the white paper to learn more details.

Array February 14, 2024

Strategies for success: Tackling common clinical documentation integrity challenges head-on

Clinical documentation, which includes a record of exams, symptoms, diagnoses, medications, tests, treatments and other elements of a patient’s medical care, plays a vital role in creating a complete picture of an individual’s health and is needed to develop effective care plans. It also ensures that all providers who see the patient have access to…

Array February 9, 2024

A ‘magic equation’ to unlock OR revenue

This whitepaper offers healthcare leaders a roadmap to identify operating room (OR) inefficiencies and address them using a "magic equation" of artificial intelligence, automation and change management.

Array January 31, 2024

Leveraging the supply chain for cost reduction

Learn from seven healthcare finance executives about the different strategies used to help reduce their hospital's costs using technology, transparency and automation in this roundtable.

Array January 30, 2024

How healthcare finance organizations are working to become more resilient

Seven healthcare financial executives share their strategies for tackling the challenges of financial management in the current environment in this roundtable.

Array January 30, 2024

Most healthcare organizations will embrace two-sided value-based care models in 2024, but many do not have clearly defined protocols to assess new opportunities

Read this article for various lessons and questions to consider before entering a value-based care contract.

Array January 30, 2024

Improving financial performance using clinical supply chain technology

In this HFMA Executive Roundtable, six healthcare financial executives reflect on the biggest clinical supply chain challenges their organization faces and discuss what metrics are most critical to evaluating success and a return on investment (ROI) with clinical supply chain technologies.

Array January 30, 2024

Beneath the Surface: Three Questions you aren’t asking RCM Vendors (That Could Be Costing You Millions)

Download this white paper to view three major questions you should ask RCM vendors to find the best one in boosting your revenue cycle.

Array January 26, 2024

Comparison of 2024 ASC Addendum BB with October 2023 Addendum BB

HFMA presents a spreadsheet comparing ASC covered ancillary services. It also includes an HCPCS lookup tool that makes it easier to pull-up descriptive and payment information for a particular code.

Array January 9, 2024