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The end of the beginning: Outgoing HFMA Chair looks ahead

Column | Leadership

The end of the beginning: Outgoing HFMA Chair looks ahead


I’m not even sure what words to put on the page. As I prepared to write this, I learned that one of my favorite songwriters, John Prine, passed away after being exposed to COVID-19. Those of us who are fans feel like we’ve lost a friend. No doubt some of us have lost a loved one or someone close to us to COVID-19. There is so much about this crisis that will extend far past any stay-at-home orders or business shutdowns. 

And while we mourn what we have lost, this also is a time for renewal and regeneration. We are in a period of deep winter where so much has gone dormant or faded away. We can view that as the end, but it’s actually the beginning. The beginning of the next generation of healthcare delivery. The beginning of the next generation of innovation. The beginning of a new way to help our members learn, grow and lead. It’s the beginning of a new resolve to .… move. I can see so much opportunity and hope looking us in the face.

Technically speaking, this is the end of my Dare You to Move Chair theme. But something tells me it also is the beginning — the beginning of a movement, and you are all on the train. You’ve shown that to me with your words, your actions, your posts and your DY2M t-shirts. (Texas Gulf Coast Chapter wins with their impressive 90 t-shirt showing!) 

I had a blast. You made this year such a joy that I will never forget it. No crisis can take that away. And the biggest joy I had was watching everyone respond to DY2M. I had so many great conversations in the corridors, at social events, online and after walking off stage. You inspired me, and you pushed me to walk my own talk. I am so grateful and amazed by who you are, what you do and the impact you have on the world around us.   

For me this was the crescendo of 24 years of HFMA volunteer leadership. Thank you to my OSF finance team for being where I could not. Thank you to the HFMA staff for supporting me in so many ways. And thank you to the wonderful HFMA volunteer leaders and members, you are simply the best! 

Mike Allen, second stair, center, stands with some of the 90 members of HFMA’s Texas Gulf Coast Chapter who all wore their DY2M t-shirts at the Chapter’s 2020 Winter Conference in February.

About the Author

Michael M. Allen, FHFMA, CPA,

is CFO, OSF Healthcare System, Peoria, Ill., and 2019-20 Chair of HFMA.


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