Year: 2018

Hospitals Should Prepare for Industry Disruption by Empowered Consumers

Investments in the patient experience, clinical quality, and overall financial performance can be mutually reinforcing strategies that help hospitals effectively deliver value-focused and patient-centered care.

David Betts December 26, 2018

Psychology and Behavioral Change Theory as Applied to Changing Revenue Cycle Payment Models

Healthcare providers should consider a retail-like payment experience for patients.

Rajesh Voddiraju December 26, 2018

Aligning Value-Based Contracts for Better Performance

A roundtable of senior financial leaders that offers strategies for evaluating, operationalizing, and aligning value-based contracts and care delivery work streams.

HFMA December 21, 2018

ACO Overhaul Issued Amid Looming Regulations

Dec. 21—An overhaul of Medicare’s accountable care organization (ACO) program, issued today, is among several far-reaching federal regulations that hospital leaders and advocates have been anxiously awaiting, all of which could be released within the next week. 

Rich Daly December 20, 2018

5 Ways to Boost Billing Capabilities for Transitional Care Management

Samantha Sizemore shares tips for success in transitional care management. 

Samantha Sizemore December 20, 2018

2019 Bipartisan Pushes Expected on Transparency, Surprise Billing

Dec. 20—The newly divided Congress is expected to agree on little about healthcare policy, with the likely exceptions of legislation to require greater transparency and to address surprise bills, according to a legislative tracking firm.

Rich Daly December 20, 2018

Patient Engagement Strategies and Technologies that Are Positively Impacting Value-Based Care Models

A roundtable of senior healthcare leaders discussing patient engagement strategies and the technology that supports them.

HFMA December 20, 2018

CY 2019 MPFS Final Rule Executive Summary Presentation

This presentation briefly summarizes the CY 2019 updates to payments and other programs contained in the MPFS final rule, published by CMS.

HFMA December 20, 2018

Improving Patient Financial Engagement

A research highlight that delves into key takeaways from a June 2018 HFMA member survey about patient payment perspectives and strategies. 

HFMA December 20, 2018

How CVS Plans to Change Its Provider Role

Dec. 19—Among the potential healthcare disruptors that providers are closely watching is CVS Health, which recently completed a historic acquisition of a national insurer.

Rich Daly December 20, 2018
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