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    Between First Course & Last Call

    How the Northern California Chapter of HFMA started a movement that became a national mission for women in leadership-and spawned the upcoming HERe conference.

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    Shifting Workforce Puts New Demands on Women

    Connie Perez, MBA, BSN, president of Adreima, talks about the HERe initiative and its role in helping to foster and broaden the discussion about women's leadership issues. 
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    Benefits of a Multigenerational Workforce

    Healthcare leaders should use intergenerational differences to their advantage when seeking to build cohesive and well-rounded units, departments, and systems.
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  • About HERe

    The HERe initiative is an effort that aims to inspire not only women but men invested in the professional development of women leaders in the health care field with the tools and resources they need to succeed. We hope to inspire one another, learn together, and connect with colleagues across the industry.