Author: Brad Dennison

Healthcare Blame Game: How Kaiser Health News mistook policy for practice in hospital collections report

Brad Dennison is a 25-year veteran of the newspaper industry. He served 15 years as the top news executive for multiple national organizations and led thousands of journalists across the U.S., including investigative teams. He’s also a past board member of the Associated Press Media Editors, where he was elected national chair. Dennison joined HFMA…

Brad Dennison March 14, 2023

HFMA membership exceeds 75,000 in the year of its 75th anniversary

HFMA reached a significant milestone, surpassing 75,000 members in October, after 19 straight quarters of membership growth.

Brad Dennison November 29, 2021

How it works: hfm’s ‘Expert Reviewed’ status is hard earned

Articles designated as "expert reviewed" in hfm must go through a rigorous vetting process to earn that label and be published in the magazine.

Brad Dennison April 28, 2021

SVP Rick Gundling recaps new workshops, Biden and surprise bills

Rick Gundling, HFMA’s senior vice president of professional practice, talks about the Association's education plans for 2021 and comments on some hot topics in healthcare.

Brad Dennison March 1, 2021

Q&A: HFMA’s new learning platform detailed in this discussion with Strategy Senior Vice President Mary Mirabelli

HFMA’s impressive new e-learning platform upgrades are discussed in this Q&A with Mary Mirabelli, HFMA’s senior vice president of strategy.

Brad Dennison February 3, 2021

The new hfm is (re)designed to help you get what you need faster and easier

A new, next-level design makes hfm easier to read and more useful than ever.

Brad Dennison March 5, 2020
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