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Pursuing Your Passion: Advice for Healthcare Finance Leaders

Carol Friesen, FHFMA, MPH, reminisces about her experiences as 2017-18 Chair of HFMA and shares ideas and insights gleaned from her “HFMA leadership journey.”

Carol A. Friesen, FHFMA, MPH April 25, 2018

Assessing Risk in Healthcare Finance Calls for Stewardship

Amid the healthcare industry’s ongoing transformation, healthcare leaders are called upon to be stewards in guiding their organizations through change and managing financial and operational risk.

Carol A. Friesen, FHFMA, MPH March 21, 2018

Reach for the Heart: A Plea for Healthcare Finance Leaders

Healthcare finance professionals should use data to tell stories that resonate with listeners, including clinicians, on both a personal and an intellectual level.

Carol A. Friesen, FHFMA, MPH March 1, 2018

HFMA’s ‘Secret Sauce’

The ability to deliver value that meets the critical current and future needs of healthcare stakeholders, whether they be patients or healthcare finance professionals, requires at some point a step forward with faith.

Carol A. Friesen, FHFMA, MPH January 29, 2018

Let’s Have a Think

Healthcare finance leaders should think deeply about what they can do to meaningfully contribute to advancing meaningful improvements, including transformed leadership structures, within the nation’s healthcare system.

Carol A. Friesen, FHFMA, MPH December 20, 2017

Health Care Needs Innovative Collaboration

Healthcare finance professionals should be passionate, purposeful, and innovative in collaborating with others to help address the financial hardships patients face from serious illness and the underlying total cost of care.

Carol A. Friesen, FHFMA, MPH November 30, 2017

Strategize. Execute. Succeed. Lessons for Healthcare Leaders

Healthcare leaders and create and execute effective futures for their organizations by applying three lessons.

Carol A. Friesen, FHFMA, MPH October 27, 2017

Healthcare Leaders: Be Molders−Not Seekers

For healthcare leaders, the effort to promote enhanced value should involve not just to searching for consensus but actively molding it.

Carol A. Friesen, FHFMA, MPH October 2, 2017

Swapping Stories: How Healthcare Finance Professionals Can Be Inspirational Leaders

By harnessing, through sharing, the power of stories about experiences in meeting a dealing with issues and challenges, healthcare finance leaders can begin to find that place where passion meets purpose.

Carol A. Friesen, FHFMA, MPH August 23, 2017

On Being Bold: Inspirations From HFMA’s ANI

Healthcare finance professionals can take an inspirational lesson on being bold from of healthcare leaders who shared their stories at HFMA’s 2017 ANI in Orlando.

Carol A. Friesen, FHFMA, MPH July 31, 2017