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Taking Stock of Surgery: Is It Time to Revisit Your Assumptions?

Advisory Board’s John Johnston discusses the importance of reevaluating surgical performance to ensure you are positioned to capture new business—and deliver cost-effective care. 

CPA March 29, 2017

Information Security Concepts

The ever-changing IT landscape calls for constant attention to information security tools.

CPA March 21, 2017

Financial-Clinical Integration in 2017

Advisory Board’s John Johnston discusses the significant margin implications of care redesign initiatives—and the importance of financial and clinical teams working in tandem.

CPA January 31, 2017

Consumer Engagement in the Wake of the Election

At a time of potential turmoil in health care, organization leaders must be more mindful than ever of the need to earn consumers’ trust.

CPA January 24, 2017

Solid Information Technology Control Hygiene

A healthcare organization must have strong IT controls in order to build brand confidence and protect patients and employees’ private information.

CPA January 19, 2017

With So Much Uncertainty, How Do You Build Your Hospital’s Budget?

Advisory Board’s John Johnston shares expert insights from a colleague, Sean Angert, regarding today’s challenges with hospital budgeting and margin sustainability, with planning advice for CFOs.

CPA January 6, 2017

Healthcare Revenue Recognition: 5 Steps for Net Revenue Modeling and Reporting Considerations

This article describes five steps FASB has outlined for entities to follow to prepare for implementation and achieve the objectives of the new standard ASU 2014-09 for recognizing revenue. 

CPA December 19, 2016