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Dennis E. Dahlen, FHFMA, MBA, CPA

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Dennis Dahlen: Are states losing patience with the pace of healthcare value transformation?

The pace of state-based regulation and oversight of healthcare providers is accelerating — and it could be an indication that patience is growing thin with federal, payer and provider efforts to improve healthcare value.  Across the nation, we’re seeing a growing number of states adopt healthcare affordability boards. It’s a trend that started to pick…

Array October 30, 2023

Dennis Dahlen: It’s time to stop dragging our feet on generative AI 

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is a tool that a recent study found is “nearly as good as recent med school graduates” at making clinical decisions, and it’s having a breakout year across industries, a McKinsey analysis shows.1 Yet few healthcare leaders have a strategy for solutions like ChatGPT — and it’s past time to develop…

Array September 28, 2023

Dennis Dahlen: It’s time to be biased toward action 

We’re in an extraordinary period of discovery and innovation in healthcare, from a breakthrough treatment that delays the onset of Type 1 diabetes to the potential to use advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to help patients manage their health.    But embracing the promise of innovation within our organizations depends on our ability to lead teams to…

Array August 28, 2023

HFMA, it’s time for action! 

We’ve all been in situations where the time was right, where conditions were optimal or good enough to suggest the best opportunity for action. Growing up on a dairy farm, I learned early that nature exerted a stronger hand on our schedules and work than anything humans could muster. Weather was, of course, a constant…

Array May 30, 2023