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Innovation in hospitals can ‘turbocharge’ advances

Once you learn innovation processes, and the tools used by peers, you can apply innovation anywhere in your organization.

Ed Avis December 13, 2019

Joint venture removes provider, patient and payer barriers

A joint venture between Banner Health and Aetna aligns value-based care with economic incentives to reduce the cost of care.

Ed Avis July 14, 2019

Dental center prevents ED visits, provides hospital referrals

St. Bernard Hospital Dental Center offers comprehensive and hard-to-access oral health services and surgeries to pediatric and adult patients on Medicaid, particularly special needs patients, which reduces costly emergency department visits and offers referral opportunities to other hospital services.

Ed Avis July 14, 2019

Healthcare Predictions Focus on Innovative Corporate Structures and Alternative Financing

An alternative corporate structure called a “benefit corporation” is at the center of one of 10 predictions issued by BDO. Two others one related to telemedicine and the other related to sources of alternative capital pertain to hospital finance.

Ed Avis February 21, 2019

Repeal of the Individual Mandate Means More Uncompensated Care

The individual mandate has driven an increase in the number of insured patients, and without it, hospitals are likely to face more uninsured patients and more patients with high co-pays and deductibles.

Ed Avis February 14, 2019

4 Things to Consider Before Signing That Lease

Tax liabilities, subleasing, permitted uses, and even HIPAA need to be considered when preparing healthcare facility leases.

Ed Avis December 5, 2018

CFOs Play a Key Role in Cybersecurity Planning

“As part of the overall leadership team, the CFO should be asking tech leadership for a cost/risk reduction analysis for each technological expenditure requested to remedy identified vulnerabilities and gaps,” says John Riggi of AHA.

Ed Avis December 5, 2018

Hospital Building Leases Involve Special Requirements

Keep five facilities-related issues in mind when negotiating new building leases.

Ed Avis May 11, 2018

A Facilities Reinvestment Schedule Prevents Surprises, Creates Savings Opportunities

Having a disciplined, long-term reinvestment schedule is one way many healthcare organizations keep their facilities in top shape, maximize energy savings, and prevent catastrophic systems failures resulting from inadequate maintenance.

Ed Avis February 8, 2018

Early Physician Involvement Vital in Advanced Care Delivery Models

When a healthcare organization plans to implement an advanced care delivery model, early physician involvement is key because of the role that physicians play in many parts of the operation.

Ed Avis November 6, 2017