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The evolution of telehealth and the potential for sustainability

The surge in use of telehealth services seen during the pandemic has slowed, but telehealth remains a key modality amid policy changes that will help set the course for the future of virtual care. “There’s no alternative,” said Kyle Zebley, senior vice president for public policy with the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) and executive director…

Elizabeth Barker August 30, 2023

UCHealth standardizes procedures and technology to enhance systemwide care

UCHealth has achieved rapid integration among acquired facilities by establishing a uniform IT platform while allowing for flexibility.

Elizabeth Barker May 28, 2021

How a health system prepared to comply with CMS’s new price transparency rule

The efforts of one health system to meet state and federal price transparency regulations shows the benefit of integrating transparency efforts into a broader organizational strategy.

Elizabeth Barker March 12, 2021

Texas Oncology streamlines operations to achieve success in Medicare value-based payment model

The experience of Texas Oncology in CMS’s Oncology Care Model shows how provider organizations can use change management processes to lay the foundation for success in new care delivery models.

Elizabeth Barker June 22, 2020

Wireless infant sensors present an opportunity for ROI in innovation

The process of vetting new technology for infants in the NICU shows the rigorous standards for implementing technology in healthcare.

Elizabeth Barker September 23, 2019

Avera Health facilitates dialogue to strengthen care delivery across the organization

Avera Health has managed to seamlessly integrate clinical and operational processes across its system by focusing on collaboration and enhanced communication.

Elizabeth Barker August 2, 2019

Q&A: Do Price Transparency Regulations Improve the Patient Experience?

Two healthcare finance leaders explain why their organizations are placing more emphasis on patient education and customer service than on new regulations surrounding charge transparency.

Elizabeth Barker February 26, 2019

Operationalizing Predictive Analytics to Guide Healthcare Business Decisions

Providers and health plans are turning to predictive analytics as a tool for identifying actionable insights that can be used to control costs and improve outcomes.

Elizabeth Barker October 16, 2018

How to Optimize Enterprise Risk Management Strategy in Health Care

Engaging staff, assessing risk, and employing rapid-response plans, healthcare organizations are cross-functionally implementing enterprise risk management strategies to enhance the value of their services.

Elizabeth Barker March 21, 2018

Newer Health Plan Products Align With Value-Based Care

With the clout to steer the healthcare industry away from a volume-based approach, health plans are implementing innovative payment models.

Elizabeth Barker January 25, 2018