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Should utilization review report to patient care or revenue cycle?

Utilization review should work as part of a productive whole, alongside many other areas, says a former Cleveland Clinic finance executive. The function can report to finance, administration, operations, and even patient experience.

Erin Murphy July 18, 2018

Understanding the Problem of Claim Processing Waste

Even small improvements in connectivity and transparency could save a few dollars per healthcare claim, which adds up very quickly.

Erin Murphy October 16, 2017

How CMS Leveled the Playing Field for Hospital Readmission Penalties

A new rule finalized by CMS acknowledges that charging hospitals with higher percentages of dual eligibles the same readmission penalties as hospitals with fewer of these patients. The proposed penalty adjustment will reflect the challenges facing each hospital's populations.

Erin Murphy August 14, 2017

Hiring for Effective Post Service Revenue Cycle Performance

Revenue cycle leaders agree that positive, motivated candidates can overcome a lack of back-end knowledge and experience to become valuable employees.

Erin Murphy June 29, 2017

Combining Hospital and Physician Billing

In three very different health systems, administrators achieved success in bringing together hospital and physician billing. For example, CentraCare saved $1.5 million since it completed the integration in 2015.

Erin Murphy November 18, 2016

Does Price Transparency Work?

A recent Harvard study shows no patient spending decrease, but its parameters may overlook some key strategies.

Erin Murphy August 9, 2016

Cash Recovery: How Richmond University Medical Center Repaired 6 Areas to Boost A/R

Richmond University Medical Center increased revenue by $19 million over a three-year period by improving preauthorization and registration flow and developing committees to work with payers, among other strategies.

Erin Murphy January 11, 2016