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The Four Seasons of Values

The Four Seasons of Values

Hilda Villaverde December 20, 2017

Intentional Spirituality

Hilda Villaverde, PhD, writes that belief in God within a religion or in a personal practice of spirituality comes down to the prevailing desire that all human beings long for—a sense of belonging.

Hilda Villaverde November 17, 2017

We Become What We Know

Hilda Villaverde, PhD, writes that no education is ever a waste of time. Whether you're following an academic course of study, a technical track, an internship, volunteering, or acquiring wisdom from day-to-day lessons at work, knowledge collected and applied is time well spent.

Hilda Villaverde September 13, 2017

How to Become the Master Gardener of Your Health

The metaphor of caring for a garden is not new, but it's a valuable parallel to caring for our health and wellness, writes Hilda Villaverde, PhD

Hilda Villaverde June 21, 2017

Mastering Your Emotions: You Can’t Leave Home Without Them

Emotions: We truly cannot leave home without them, says Hilda Villaverde, PhD. She takes a deeper look at emotional self-awareness and its benefits.  

Hilda Villaverde April 21, 2017

Confronting Your Fear is the Key to Living a Meaningful Life

About 30 years ago, a concerned friend gave Hilda Villaverde, PhD, a book that improved her life: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers. She writes about how the book served as her personal wake-up call to examine what was meaningful in her life. 

Hilda Villaverde March 23, 2017

How Positivity Provides Fuel for Your Career

Are you a pessimist, optimist, or realist? How do you know? Hilda Villaverde, PhD, looks at the benefits of positivity in our lives and careers, and provides an assessment tool to fine-tune your optimism level. 

Hilda Villaverde January 16, 2017