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Return on Analytics: Addressing the ‘Signals’ in the ‘Noise’

A healthcare organization’s ability to sustain high-value care delivery and ensure its long-term strategic financial viability depends on how effectively it applies data analytics to inform improvement efforts related to quality, cost, and patient experience. 

Jay Spence February 26, 2019

Service Line Analytics: Sound Decision-Making Starts with Reliable Data

Healthcare organizations are recognizing that incorporating service line analytics into strategic activities enables better understanding of each area’s financial and operational impacts. In addition, service line analytics signal when real-time improvements are needed and drive more informed decision-making.

Jay Spence June 11, 2018

From What to How: Moving from Planning to Execution

When data-driven strategy management tools are used, transparency and accountability create speed to solution, speed to execution, and competency in execution. 

Jay Spence May 11, 2018

4 Strategies to Unlock Healthcare Performance Management Constraints

Hospital and health system finance leaders should play a central role in ensuring their organizations are applying high-quality enterprise performance management approaches that improve their organizations’ strategic agility in addressing enterprise risk. 

Jay Spence March 21, 2018

Ensuring an Effective Approach to Budgeting

Having strict budget variance review processes facilitates meaningful conversations throughout the year and reduces the likelihood that spending will rise above budget targets.

Jay Spence November 10, 2016