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Payer trends health systems should watch closely in 2024

Health system leaders focused on the day-to-day needs of their organization can sometimes lose sight of key developments in other sectors of healthcare. But in an interconnected healthcare ecosystem, understanding the trendlines their payer counterparts are facing is essential. Threats to payers While some health system leaders might be under the impression that payers are…

Joyjit Saha Choudhury March 22, 2024

The employer strikes back: The hollowing of the commercial health insurance market and its impact on payers and providers 

Today, the commercial group health insurance market is hollowing out, primarily driven by affordability pressures that have been building for decades.  Employers, unions, associations and other entities provided health insurance to nearly 180 million Americans in 2022, or 55% of the population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, making commercial group health insurance a mainstay…

Joyjit Saha Choudhury October 27, 2023

Thriving post-reset: Payer-provider partnerships after the pandemic

In the pre-pandemic era, payer-provider partnerships were often focused on aspirational goals of creating partnership value by managing costs of care and delivering high-quality care. Payers and providers aimed to drive differentiation and growth through these partnerships. In today’s more challenging macro-economic environment, these conversations are becoming more direct and practical, with both payers and…

Joyjit Saha Choudhury September 22, 2023

4 reasons why now is the time to revisit value-based care

Lessons from the pandemic, investment trends, shifts in Medicare policy, and technological change suggest that now may be the time to reconsider and revisit value-based care. Value-based care has been a hot topic for years now. Every conference, every industry meeting and every publication has talked about the importance of moving “from volume to value.”…

Joyjit Saha Choudhury February 24, 2023