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How physicians, hospitals and health systems should prepare for the operational and financial impact of 2021 E/M code changes

In this Q&A, Craig Joseph, MD, chief medical officer for Nordic Consulting Partners, provides insight into why physicians, hospitals and health systems should pay attention to new E/M coding guideline changes are going into effect on January 1, 2021.

Katie Gilfillan August 19, 2021

Physicians are burned out: How healthcare finance leaders can help

HFMA's Katie Gilfillan says healthcare finance and executive teams should appreciate having the oversight of where to invest dollars that builds a strategy toward a culture of health and well-being of physicians.

Katie Gilfillan October 6, 2020

Proposed CY 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule changes: Analysis of impact on telehealth flexibilities and E/M coding

HFMA's Katie Gilfillan says the E/M coding changes taking place January 1, 2021, will have significant impacts not only to primary care physicians but also will have significant impact on specialist’s reimbursement.

Katie Gilfillan August 20, 2020

Primary care providers are partnering with employers to form an optimal primary care delivery system

HFMA's Katie Gilfillan says the time may be right for a re-orientation of the healthcare system, where hospitals, physician groups and purchasers of care along with payment models are aligned to support a more patient-centric system.

Katie Gilfillan July 30, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic’s disruption of primary care could affect access to care as modeling through June shows a potential loss of 60,000 PCPs

Continued parity from CMS in telehealth payments and more support from private insurers could help revive, support and strengthen primary care, which has been particularly challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Katie Gilfillan June 9, 2020

Strong financial leadership is likely key to the success of accountable communities for health

HFMA's Katie Gilfillan says strong financial leadership is required to manage and source the complex funding and ensure the long-term financial sustainability of accountable communities for health.

Katie Gilfillan May 18, 2020

Healthcare organization partnerships with Area Agencies on Aging help reduce the total cost of care

Area Agencies on Aging are well-established resources for enhancing the health and well-being of a community’s elderly population and a natural partner for hospitals as they strive for a holistic approach to caring for older adult patients.

Katie Gilfillan April 16, 2020

Social determinants of health ROI challenges are not yet outweighing potential benefits to patients

The continued shift to value-based care ensures health providers will continue to address SDOH factors.

Katie Gilfillan February 28, 2020

Mid-Ohio ‘Farmacy’ principals encountered several surprising challenges trying to combat food insecurity

The Mid-Ohio “Farmacy” effort echoes what HFMA heard from participants at its recent Thought Leadership Retreat about tackling social determinants of health and highlights the complexities in the healthcare system for establishing such partnerships.

Katie Gilfillan January 29, 2020

Analysis: Taking healthcare to the street is effective for patients and reduces healthcare costs

Healthcare can be more medically effective and cost effective by removing barriers, establishing relationships and engaging patients with interventions that begin where the patient is, including living on the streets.

Katie Gilfillan December 2, 2019