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For Healthcare Finance Leaders, Imagining Tomorrow Involves Risk

If healthcare finance leaders want to reduce costs, provide better health outcomes, and improve patient satisfaction, they must seize opportunities and manage risks.

Kevin Brennan, FHFMA, CPA June 6, 2019

Reflections on a year of imagining a better tomorrow

Healthcare finance leaders should seek to adopt and promote best practices and inspire their teams to learn, experiment and volunteer, and HFMA can help.

Kevin Brennan, FHFMA, CPA May 29, 2019

The Value of Financial Analytics

Data analytics and business intelligence are essential tools for effectively managing the financial performance of healthcare organizations.

Kevin Brennan, FHFMA, CPA February 26, 2019

HFMA Helps Convert Imagination into Innovation

HFMA highlights innovative ways healthcare finance professionals are using technology to lower costs, improve care, and increase patient satisfaction.

Kevin Brennan, FHFMA, CPA January 23, 2019

Resolve to Collaborate in 2019

Cross-professional partnerships can enhance healthcare organizations ability to achieve shared goals of improving the patient experience, reducing the cost of care, and improving population health.

Kevin Brennan, FHFMA, CPA December 26, 2018

Imagining a More Consumer-Centric Approach to Patient Financial Communications

HFMA, the AHA, and AHIP have developed a guide for healthcare consumers designed to help them know how to avoid surprise out-of-network medical bills; healthcare organizations are encouraged to share the guide with their patients.

Kevin Brennan, FHFMA, CPA November 28, 2018

Successful Healthcare Financial Management Requires Imagination and a Solid Plan

Although many healthcare finance leaders may feel that strategic planning is second nature to them, they can benefit from routinely revisiting the process to learn from the experiences of others and to ensure that are taking all the steps that are necessary for success.

Kevin Brennan, FHFMA, CPA November 1, 2018

The ongoing pursuit of better payment models

HFMA will be your source for all things related to payment trends, as it may be one of the hottest topics in our industry. 

Kevin Brennan, FHFMA, CPA September 26, 2018

Imagining the Healthcare Revenue Cycle of Tomorrow

HFMA will be source for all things required to create the healthcare revenue cycle of tomorrow.

Kevin Brennan, FHFMA, CPA August 29, 2018

Identifying Opportunities for Innovation in Healthcare Finance

Healthcare finance leaders should be attuned to the presence of opportunities for innovative improvements that may exist all around them.

Kevin Brennan, FHFMA, CPA July 27, 2018