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Transitioning health systems to accepting more risk: Key steps to ensuring financial sustainability

The COVID-19 pandemic has renewed many health systems’ interest in pursuing population health initiatives. Yet success with such initiatives will remain elusive if they do not address two common barriers to success: lack of aligned incentives and insufficient infrastructure.

Kevin B. Sears, MHA June 24, 2021

How to develop a winning pricing strategy in the post-COVID-19 consumer market

Providers and health plans should prepare for federally imposed price transparency mandates imposed by developing comprehensive pricing strategies tailored to their specific market positions, financials and operational objectives.

Kevin B. Sears, MHA August 27, 2020

How to achieve best-in-class capability for value-based risk contracting

Health systems embarking on value-based contracting should give attention to three areas: understanding market profit pools, acknowledging inherent challenges in the health plan market, and developing the key elements that are essential for success.

Kevin B. Sears, MHA March 12, 2020

Cautionary tales: Why some payer-provider initiatives have stumbled

Health system leaders that are considering launching a provider-sponsored health plan can take a lesson from the experiences of organizations that faced challenges in pursuing such a strategy.

Kevin B. Sears, MHA January 10, 2020

Payer-provider partnership success stories

Partnering with a health plan has been shown to be an effective strategy for health systems undertaking a value-based payment strategy.

Kevin B. Sears, MHA January 2, 2020

A tailored approach to value-based care product development

To be successful, a value-based-payment initiative must be tailored to the provider organization's market and capabilities.

Kevin B. Sears, MHA January 2, 2020

How healthcare providers can conduct a consumer-focused pricing strategy

The growth of consumerism in healthcare has made it imperative for healthcare providers to develop a pricing strategy that can help them achieve a competitive advantage among consumers in their markets.

Kevin B. Sears, MHA December 16, 2019

Evolution of the consumer focus in healthcare

The potential benefits of consumer-driven health plans were espoused in the 1990s, and the concept began to be more fully embraced in the past decade.

Kevin B. Sears, MHA October 31, 2019

7 top macro trends impacting providers, insurers and healthcare consumers today

The healthcare industry's shift to a consumerism focus is occurring in parallel with seven significant emerging trends that are affecting providers, insurers and healthcare consumers alike.

Kevin B. Sears, MHA October 31, 2019

Assembling the essentials for successful population health management

A high-performing clinical network, and a focus on patients presenting high or emerging risk are two key elements that health systems must have in place to be able to succeed with population health management.

Kevin B. Sears, MHA May 29, 2019