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How AI is about to change healthcare 

For executives who have lived through the marketing of such technological developments as big data, the cloud and the Internet of Things, the prospect of taking on the latest hot concept, AI, might not be appealing.  But ignoring AI and all its variations may be a mistake. Although there are different technology solutions being sold…

Lisa A. Eramo October 1, 2023

Implement these 6 safeguards against fraud accusations in telehealth

Healthcare providers should take care to comply with payer policies around telehealth.

Lisa A. Eramo July 10, 2020

Ensuring value-based data sharing complies with HIPAA

Healthcare organizations engaging in value-based contracts may be at greater risk for a breach if patient privacy and HIPAA are not front and center.

Lisa A. Eramo June 17, 2019

4 new KPIs for value-based care

KPIs will move away from balance sheets, ledgers, and numbers to data that’s being collected and managed in the EHR.

Lisa A. Eramo May 14, 2019

Streamlining Efficiency to Improve Care Quality

UT Physicians achieved improvements in care quality through steps such as creating standardized workflows, streamlining provider documentation, creating dashboards, establishing clinical protocols, achieving PCMH status, and focusing on the patient experience.

Lisa A. Eramo January 21, 2019

Engaging Physicians in Value-Based Compensation Models

The University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center model layers a 50/50 share of any incentive payments on top of a work RVU-based component to account for revenue that is still generated by the number of patients that providers see. 

Lisa A. Eramo January 16, 2019

Three Strategies for Improving Patient Access in Physician Practices

Stanford Health Care enhanced patient access at newly acquired physician practices by identifying key metrics, improving the efficiency of workflows, and leveraging technology.

Lisa A. Eramo January 8, 2019

Calculating KPIs for Value-Based Payment Models

If hospitals and health systems know the patients for whom they’re at risk and the benchmarks against which they are held accountable, they can lower costs and improve outcomes for an entire population—not just a single patient.

Lisa A. Eramo October 11, 2018

Launching Revenue Integrity Programs in Hospital-Owned Practices

University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center’s revenue integrity program ensures a formal process to perform regular audits and educate physicians and their staff about compliance, and under-coding as well as over-coding. 

Lisa A. Eramo October 4, 2018

4 KPIs to Increase Profitability Under Value-Based Payment Models

Revenue cycle KPIs are evolving to assist healthcare finance leaders determine net profit rather than revenue.

Lisa A. Eramo September 10, 2018