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Healthcare revenue cycle leaders, it’s your move

Healthcare providers can benefit from using a chess-inspired strategy to rebuild the revenue cycle after COID-19, as they continue to prepare or value-based care.

Lucy Zielinski November 18, 2020

How to leverage the telemedicine surge to create a profitable telehealth model

Healthcare finance leaders can help their organizations establish profitable telehealth programs following the COVID-19 pandemic by focusing now on the economic and operational drivers that will determine the success or failure of such programs.

Lucy Zielinski July 31, 2020

How to plan for and profitably operate telehealth services

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened new opportunities for health systems to expand their use of telehealth services. Implemented properly with careful planning, telehealth can be a strong revenue source going forward.

Lucy Zielinski May 21, 2020

Turning conflict into collaboration: How to manage workplace disagreements

Dealing with the increased likelihood of workplace conflict, healthcare leaders can use best practices to turn conflicts into positive situations.

Lucy Zielinski July 15, 2019

How physician-finance partnerships pave the way to higher-value care

Physician leaders and finance leaders can use their respective strengths to complement each other and help each other thrive in a value-based environment.

Lucy Zielinski June 11, 2019

Practical suggestions for a productive working relationship

As finance executives and physician leaders respond to the demands of value-based care, they may run into roadblocks to forming a strong partnership. Leaders can overcome these issues by taking a positive approach to combining their divergent skills and perspectives. Cultivate professional empathy Both parties should seek to understand the motives and constraints of their…

Lucy Zielinski June 10, 2019

Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule: 3 Must-Do Steps for Physicians

The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for 2019 includes a variety of new policies—and revenue opportunities for providers if they take a few key steps in relation to areas such as payment rates, documentation requirements, and new services.

Lucy Zielinski January 23, 2019

Change Management in Health Care: Navigating the Human Side of Successful Transitions

Employees are a healthcare organization’s most valuable asset. Strategic approaches can help an organization nurture this asset during potentially turbulent change.

Lucy Zielinski September 26, 2018

7 Valuable Tools to Ensure You Don’t Waste Another Meeting

Lucy Zielinski and Kate Geick of GE Healthcare Camden Group share tips and tools that can help your next meeting run more smoothly and garner more actionable results.

Lucy Zielinski May 10, 2017

Getting Ready for 2017: Five Focus Areas for Medical Groups

Medical groups should focus on five key areas to optimize their position in 2017, with challenges looming in the areas of payment, consumer engagement, population health management, and provider alignment.

Lucy Zielinski January 9, 2017