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Healing our healthcare system starts with valuing our healthcare heroes

The C-suite leaders of U.S. hospitals and health systems have a critical charge as the stewards of our nation’s healthcare system: Cultivate an environment of well-deserved trust that encompasses patients and caregivers alike. Without such trust, our healthcare system will flounder. Building trust starts with demonstrating integrity in upholding the organization’s mission of delivering high-quality,…

Martin H. Bluth, MD, PhD November 28, 2022

Why treating chronic diseases may be costing us more than we think

Healthcare providers should revisit short-sighted care protocols for patients with nonconventional chronic conditions; as they stand, the protocols may save costs initially but ultimately lead to poorer outcomes and greater costs.

Martin H. Bluth, MD, PhD June 24, 2022

Bringing the healthcare back to healthcare

Affording greater freedom to physicians to practice medicine by easing administrative strictures on them may be the best strategy for ultimately promoting cost effectiveness of health, says Martin Bluth. But physicians also should be well educated in the economics and business of healthcare.

Martin H. Bluth, MD, PhD March 25, 2022

Martin Bluth: Blood donation — Why it should be on healthcare finance leaders’ radar

Blood donations should be a top-of-mind concern for hospital and health system finance leaders given that a steady supply of blood donations is among the most critical lifesaving needs for their organizations.

Martin H. Bluth, MD, PhD November 30, 2021

Why rekindling the romance in medicine could spur innovation

Romance in medicine refers to the passion reflected in the wonder and optimism with which healthcare’s great visionaries in healthcare explored the mysteries beyond human understanding in their times. It is an important quality that should be cultivated in our time.

Martin H. Bluth, MD, PhD August 26, 2021

The understated value and potential of the clinical laboratory

Healthcare finance leaders need to rethink the value of the clinical laboratory in terms of revenue potential.

Martin H. Bluth, MD, PhD June 2, 2021

It’s all in the breath: An argument for improved outcomes and reduced costs in healthcare

Effective breathing is known to promote good health, but our healthcare system has given relatively little attention to the concept of breathing therapy. COVID-19 has increased the need for a greater focus on this issue, and there are simple steps healthcare organizations can take to address it.

Martin H. Bluth, MD, PhD February 19, 2021

Medicine should be for mind, body and spirit

Healthcare financial leaders can foster improved patient outcomes and well-being by advocating for an approach to healthcare that includes acknowledging the spiritual aspect of patients as human beings.

Martin H. Bluth, MD, PhD January 25, 2021

Flu season, COVID-19 testing and chicken soup

Healthcare organizations should be prepared for the challenges of unprecedented flu/COVID-19 season, with a primary fiocus on encouraging people to get flu shots, arranging for appropriate testing, promoting habits that contribute to health and wellness and to demonstrating a true spirit of caring.

Martin H. Bluth, MD, PhD November 25, 2020

How to access the healing power of children

Children have a unique power to integrate their realities in ways that we adults have long forgotten. It may be time for healthcare organizations to tap into that quality children possess to promote healing.

Martin H. Bluth, MD, PhD October 9, 2020