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Comprehensive Compliance-Focused Processes for Physician Arrangements

Karin Chernoff Kaplan reviews the basics—and the importance—of establishing consistent processes for setting up and managing physician compensation agreements and thresholds that avoid regulatory problems.

MBA October 18, 2018

Bundled Episode “No-Go” Zone

Providers that are considering participating in bundled payment arrangements should first perform a preliminary review of factors that can have a bearing on their readiness for such arrangements.

MBA September 27, 2018

Every Dollar Counts: Revisiting Pre-Bill Review to Recover Revenue

Michael Baney and Jeff McQuillan suggest pre-bill reviews as a proactive strategy to improve revenue cycle performance. 

MBA April 5, 2017

How to Improve Up-Front Collections at a Surgery Center: One Health System’s Success Story

A Virginia medical center found that patients who are provided with accurate cost estimates are more likely to pay up front for their procedures. 

MBA April 4, 2017

Incremental Healthcare Reform: A Focus on Cost

Olakunle Olaniyan discusses the opportunity to lower the cost of care and help people stay insured. 

MBA April 3, 2017

CMS Bundles: Why Leave Millions on the Table?

Health systems will soon learn how successful their participation in the mandatory Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement program has been. 

MBA March 28, 2017

Success is About Scaling the Wall in Front of You

Christina Caraballo, senior healthcare strategist for Get Real Health, shares how the sport of parkour has helped her scale walls of opposition in her personal and professional life to help her reach new heights. 

MBA March 23, 2017

Next-Generation Investments for Today’s Healthcare CFO

Two trends that anticipate the future of U.S. health care involve the emergence of hospital command centers and super-partnerships between providers and technology vendors.

MBA March 21, 2017

Four Strategies to Maximize Adult Immunization Quality and Financial Benefits

Jill Powelson describes how healthcare organizations can maximize revenue opportunities for immunizations.

MBA March 10, 2017

Case Study: Physician Revenue Cycle Improvements in an Integrated Health System

Benefis Health System undertook a physician revenue cycle improvement initiative in part to ensure patients would have a consistently positive billing and payment experience across its delivery system.

MBA March 3, 2017