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Taking Stock of Surgery: Is It Time to Revisit Your Assumptions?

Advisory Board’s John Johnston discusses the importance of reevaluating surgical performance to ensure you are positioned to capture new business—and deliver cost-effective care. 

MHA March 29, 2017

Building a Value Model for Population Health Management

A data-driven “value model” can help healthcare organizations plan the scale and pace of investments into population health management in preparation for value-based contracting.

MHA February 21, 2017

Adapting Population Health Strategy in a Changing Environment

Although the future of healthcare legislation is uncertain, population health management will be foundational to navigating the changing environment.

MHA February 21, 2017

Value-Based Compensation for Primary Care: A Success Story

Bon Secours Virginia Medical Group developed a quality-based bonus program to prepare its primary care physicians for valued-based payment models.

MHA February 21, 2017

Financial-Clinical Integration in 2017

Advisory Board’s John Johnston discusses the significant margin implications of care redesign initiatives—and the importance of financial and clinical teams working in tandem.

MHA January 31, 2017

With So Much Uncertainty, How Do You Build Your Hospital’s Budget?

Advisory Board’s John Johnston shares expert insights from a colleague, Sean Angert, regarding today’s challenges with hospital budgeting and margin sustainability, with planning advice for CFOs.

MHA January 6, 2017

Third-Party Payer Revenue and Operating Model Integration: Provider and Payer Collaboration Strategies

The provider-payer strategic alliance model is growing in popularity as healthcare organizations explore ways to make the transition to value-based care.

MHA December 19, 2016