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Paul Keckley: 3 trends to watch for in the 2023 healthcare regulatory agenda

The year 2023 will be a consequential one for healthcare finance professionals. With the near certainty that the COVID-19 public health emergency will come to an official end, three convergent trends will have a heightened impact on the solvency and liquidity of provider organizations. 1. Implementation of federal policies to lower inflation The Federal Reserve’s…

Paul H. Keckley, PhD December 6, 2022

Paul Keckley: 2 major changes in the value agenda require finance leaders’ attention

The value agenda in U.S. healthcare is critical to its future, but there are two key areas in which it is likely to be redirected in years to come.

Paul H. Keckley, PhD October 2, 2022

Paul Keckley: 4 implications of the post-pandemic U.S. economy for healthcare

Reports about the state of the U.S. economy after the first six months of 2022 warn of a slowdown in the post-pandemic recovery. Healthcare provider organizations should prepare for four factors related to this slowdown that will shape healthcare's future.

Paul H. Keckley, PhD August 31, 2022

Proposed nursing home regulations send an important message to all providers

A statement issued by the Biden administration on Feb. 28 proposed major reforms for the nation’s nursing homes but also has important implications for healthcare organizations of all types.

Paul H. Keckley, PhD May 31, 2022

Paul Keckley: Inflation’s impact on healthcare: 5 takeaways

For healthcare finance professionals, healthcare inflation requires intensified efforts to address five concerns: increased bad debt, increased operating costs, heightened public scrutiny of pricing policies and executive compensation, increased competition by privately funded competitors offering low-cost solutions and growth of “Occupy Healthcare” movements.

Paul H. Keckley, PhD April 26, 2022

Paul Keckley: PE investing trends healthcare finance leaders need to watch

As healthcare finance professionals in traditional health settings focus on managing their organizations’ capital commitments and evaluating direct investments in private equity funds to enhance non-operating income, they should monitor two megatrends, involving “Big private equity” and special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs).

Paul H. Keckley, PhD March 31, 2022

Paul Keckley: Improving nutrition in the U.S. starts with addressing the elephants in the room

Good nutrition remains elusive for many Americans because they face obstacles in being able to make healthy choices. These “elephants in the room” can only be addressed by policymakers, with the engagement of healthcare and other sectors of society.

Paul H. Keckley, PhD February 25, 2022

Paul Keckley: The healthcare regulatory climate for 2022 — What to expect

Hospitals, physicians and long-term care and ancillary service providers can anticipate significant changes in the regulatory climate in 2022. Although such changes are predictable, context is key: Regulatory policymaking in healthcare in the current environment is limited by disfunctional gridlock in Congress, the fact that 2022 is a mid-term election year and a high level of public anxiety about the economy and healthcare.

Paul H. Keckley, PhD February 7, 2022