Author: RN

Bundled Episode “No-Go” Zone

Providers that are considering participating in bundled payment arrangements should first perform a preliminary review of factors that can have a bearing on their readiness for such arrangements.

Deirdre M. Baggot September 27, 2018

Clinician or Non-Clinician: Stakeholders Weigh in on the Best Fits for the C-Suite

Although clinical leaders often make for effective C-suite members, industry experts say healthcare organizations should prioritize leadership qualities over a specific type of background.

Rachael Zimlich May 21, 2018

Company Values and Culture Drive Success

Robert Wallace, executive vice president of marketing at Tallwave Capital, says values are essential to a business's success, and those in the organization must truly live them to have a company-wide effect.

Rachael Zimlich November 17, 2017

Demand for Healthcare Workers Continues to Grow, but Skills Gaps Remain

Jeffrey Helton, a lecturer at the Milken Institute of Public Health and The George Washington University, says sought-after skills include data analysis and the ability to connect those data to real solutions. 

Rachael Zimlich September 18, 2017

Authenticity is the Key to a Powerful Presence in the Workplace

Personal style can play a big role in how you are perceived in the workplace. Shelley Prevost, CEO and cofounder for Torch, says individuality is important,but it's also important to convey professionalism with your physical appearance

Rachael Zimlich August 21, 2017

Diversity and Inclusion Programs Enable High-Quality Health Care

Are current organizational efforts to close diversity and inclusion gaps in health care enough? These gaps affect not only healthcare providers, but the patients they serve, says Adewale Soluade, assistant vice president of corporate inclusion and diversity manager at Commerce Bank.  

Rachael Zimlich July 21, 2017

CHRISTUS Health Pioneers Safety Experience Triad

Debi Pasley of CHRISTUS Health describes how the health system brought together three quality-improvement initiatives in one cohesive program. Results have exceeded expectations.

Debi Pasley June 12, 2017

Four Strategies to Maximize Adult Immunization Quality and Financial Benefits

Jill Powelson describes how healthcare organizations can maximize revenue opportunities for immunizations.

Jill Powelson March 10, 2017

Ascension Health President and COO Makes Career Out of Coordinating Care With Efficiency

For Patricia Maryland, DrPH, president of healthcare operations and COO for Ascension Health, efficiency in caregiving was an early necessity that turned into a lifelong career path. Her story illustrates how to live your personal brand. 

Rachael Zimlich February 24, 2017

First Female CEO to Lead a Venture-Capital-Backed Startup to IPO Shares Secret of her Success

Fifteen years ago, at age 40, Therese Tucker founded the accounting software company Blackline. Despite a rough and winding road to success, she didn't give up her dream, using grit and an entrepreneurial spirit to fuel her journey.  

Rachael Zimlich February 24, 2017
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