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3 ways cost models are a key to success under risk

Business Intelligence: New primary care models can help healthcare organizations achieve financial goals.

Theresa Hush October 31, 2019

New payment and service delivery models defined

A brief outline of new payment and service delivery models launched by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Theresa Hush August 31, 2019

How primary care physicians can navigate business intelligence challenges under risk models

To succeed with new payment models, physician practices must redouble their business intelligence efforts.

Theresa Hush August 31, 2019

Provider nimbleness required for diverse value-based healthcare models

Many providers are in the throes of implementing strategies for value-based health care. But now they must adapt to an environment characterized by diverse value-based care models, new players, and more data to discern provider value. To weather the next decade, the key attribute providers will need is nimbleness—a challenge in an industry not known…

Theresa Hush May 19, 2019

Provider Nimbleness Required for Diverse Value-Based Healthcare Models

Providers must be nimble to adapt to new value-based healthcare strategies.

Theresa Hush February 26, 2019

Value-Focused Healthcare Strategy Must Be Multifaceted

Moving to a value-based payment model involves change and requires a strategy focused on both managing costs and enabling growth of the enterprise.

Theresa Hush October 29, 2018

Pivoting Revenue Cycle Efforts to Resolve New Financial Realities

Shifts in payment trends require healthcare organizations to work more effectively with insurers and patients.

Theresa Hush August 29, 2018

New Approaches for Improving the Cost of Care

Data provided by internal and external sources can give healthcare providers valuable insight into areas for cost improvement.

Theresa Hush August 17, 2018

How Provider-Led ACOs Can Generate Long-Term Savings

Providers with concerns about the elusive success of ACOs should adopt some key strategies for implementation.

Theresa Hush April 25, 2018