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Population health initiative seeks special community status

The governance of Healthy Aurora seeks to equalize decision-making by uncoupling the amount of financial contribution/investment from decision-making authority.

William Marty Martin December 16, 2019

Corporate social responsiveness regardless of tax status

A single organization can engage in both corporate social responsibility, driven by compliance with laws, regulations and norms, and corporate social responsiveness, driven by organizational vision, mission and values and often framed as the “right thing to do.”

William Marty Martin December 13, 2019

Consider the ethical challenges of early retirement program offers

Before moving forward with an early retirement program, protect your organization’s reputation among stakeholders, patients and the public by understanding varying world views.

William Marty Martin October 5, 2019

Crowdfunding: Assessing Benefits and Risks

Crowdfunding can increase investor participation and engagement between project initiators and potential funders, as well as raise awareness of neglected health issues.

William Marty Martin December 5, 2018

Refining the Art and Skill of Juggling

The relationship between patient satisfaction and payment challenges financial leaders to keep both balls in play. 

William Marty Martin August 13, 2018

Making Decisions About Monetizing Social Media Data

Healthcare leaders confronted with the decision to monetize sharing of social media data should consider the impact on all stakeholders, the oath to “first do no harm,” and how technology is used and designed.

William Marty Martin May 11, 2018

Bringing the HFMA Code of Ethics to Life

Ethics can and should be practical, and ethical practice begins with knowing and living by the highest standards of an association.

William Marty Martin February 23, 2018

5 Potential Ethical Dilemmas for Healthcare Organization Lobbying

Healthcare leaders can use a decision-making model to identify possible ethical dilemmas at the intersection of health care and lobbying.

William Marty Martin November 27, 2017

Thinking About Robotization: It’s More than Efficiency and Costs Savings

Healthcare leaders should consider the impact of robotics implementations on various stakeholders by using a risk and reward analysis.

William Marty Martin August 10, 2017

Facts in Healthcare Finance: Is Spinning the Numbers Unethical?

A hospital CFO’s ability to separate facts from opinions and perspectives sets the stage for organizational integrity.

William Marty Martin May 11, 2017