Career Resources

Our goal is your success. Explore resources for a diverse range of healthcare finance needs.

Career Resources

HFMA’s Career Resources provide educational programs and healthcare career paths, access to employment opportunities, and a chance to assess your professional performance and skills through career assessments.

How are career resources beneficial to you? It provides opportunities for you to explore your career options through a simplified approach to career planning. It also helps you determine how you are performing in your field, identifies areas for improvement, and creates a course for action.

Whether you are seeking to develop your leadership skills, meet baseline requirements for your position, or become an expert in your industry, HFMA provides access to a range of educational content and programming, and career planning resources. Make the first move, get started below.

Career Pathways

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Don’t know where to start? Review HFMA recommended content, courses, and certifications by topic area including:

  • Revenue Cycle
  • Business Strategy & Analytics
  • The Bottom Line
  • Payment & Reimbursement
  • Financial Compliance
  • Strategic Financing & Access to Capital
  • Physician Practice Management

Career Self-Assessments

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Discover your potential with a series of self-assessments designed with you and your career in mind. Assessments are available for:

  • Professional Staff
  • Mid/Senior Management
  • Executive Level

Job Bank

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Looking for your next challenge? HFMA’s Job Bank is better than those big job sites because every job is a healthcare finance job.

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