Welcome to the Kentucky Chapter of HFMA!

Our chapter’s primary goal is to be an essential professional resource for healthcare financial managers by helping members and other finance-related healthcare professionals excel.

COVID sped up our innovation in 2020 and I plan to keep at that pace. Thank you to our 2020-2021 past president, Amy Karp. She was a resilient leader throughout the pandemic, and I was so lucky to learn from her while serving as president elect.

As president of the Kentucky Chapter of HFMA I have set up some exciting goals for the 2021-2022 chapter year:

  1. Introduce the Masters of Health Administration (MHA) students from University of Kentucky and University of Louisville to HFMA and increase student involvement
  2. Enhance the KY HFMA volunteer experience by providing defined roles and implementing a document organization platform
  3. Continue to grow our membership
  4. Bring back in-person events (Thanks a lot COVID)

We recognize that the strength of our chapter lies in volunteers, who contribute time, ideas, and energy. Please visit our “Board of Directors” and “Committee Chairs” pages to view and connect with our current volunteers. Our chapter would not be what it is without these people.

Our “Volunteer Awards” page highlights individuals who have continuous active participation at the local and national levels of HFMA.

Please feel free to connect with me at rmeredith@blueandco.com . I look forward to a great year!

Becca Meredith