Outgoing HFMA National Chair Tammie Jackson reflects on a year of striving for “Bolder, Brighter, Better”

Tammie Jackson, HFMA's 2021-2022 National Chair, discusses how delaying her tenure due to the pandemic changed the message she wanted to share, how that message was received, and her final thoughts as she winds down her term.

Erika Grotto June 9, 2022

Come for the free haircut, stay for the behavioral health education: How the latest healthcare disruptors are meeting patients where they are

HFMA Policy Director Shawn Stack and HFMA Senior Editor Nick Hut follow up their March webinar on healthcare disruption with an episode-length Beyond the News segment about the latest innovative ventures.

Erika Grotto May 17, 2022

CMS Principal Deputy Administrator Jonathan Blum discusses price transparency, surprise billing and the future of value-based payment

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer interviews Jonathan Blum, principal deputy administrator and COO at CMS. In this interview, Blum discusses how CMS plans to phase out the public health emergency, how price transparency and surprise billing legislation are being received by provider organizations, and the effect the pandemic will have on CMS's value-based care strategy.

Jean Alcantara May 17, 2022

Anthony Comfort of VisiQuate discusses opportunities for technology in healthcare, both in the clinical space and in revenue cycle

The pandemic pushed healthcare organizations to consider how they were using their technology and where the greatest opportunities lie. This week, Anthony Comfort of VisiQuate discusses some of those opportunities as well as barriers to success. Also in this episode, Brad Brotherton of BKD discusses how his firm stands out and how its merger with DHG will strengthen its services.

Erika Grotto May 3, 2022

The negative effect of fat bias on health outcomes

Cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Christopher Labos discusses weight bias in healthcare, including what health indicators to focus on instead of weight and how to help patients who are at risk improve their health outcomes without explicit or implicit fat shaming.

Erika Grotto May 3, 2022

Why people and process are the keys to revenue cycle innovation

Michael Duke, an author and partner within the commercial healthcare segment at Guidehouse, discusses how people and process should take precedence over technology in revenue cycle. He also talks about how sponsor organization Red Dot can assist teams that are struggling with motor vehicle accident accounts.

Erika Grotto April 15, 2022

Your patients’ missed screening means advanced cancer: Here’s how to get patients back and how to treat them in the comfort of their own homes

Dr. Andrew Hertler, chief medical officer at New Century Health, discusses what healthcare organizations can do to catch up on patients' missed cancer screenings. He also shares new developments in oncology that could see patients receiving treatment at home or doing virtual follow-up care.

Erika Grotto April 15, 2022

The real reason people don’t get vaccinated for COVID-19? They don’t feel like it.

Vaccination for COVID-19 has been a topic of hot debate, but even among those people who received their initial shots, the uptake on boosters has been underwhelming. On a recent episode of the “Voices in Healthcare Finance” podcast, Jacob Braude, a principal at life sciences consulting firm ZS, discussed what makes people decide to get vaccinated and what drives them away.

Erika Grotto April 4, 2022

Design thinking: A human-centric approach to problem solving in healthcare

Jess Roberts from the University of Minnesota discusses how the iterative process of design thinking can help healthcare organizations solve problems. Also in this episode, Michael Bumann of sponsor Red Dot discusses how his clients have taken the millions of dollars they've gained through using Red Dot's motor vehicle accident account platform to accomplish organizational goals.

Erika Grotto March 1, 2022

To patients, the financial experience isn’t separate from the clinical one. Here’s how to leave them with a good lasting impression.

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer interviews Jason Wolf, president and CEO of The Beryl Institute and a speaker at HFMA's upcoming Revenue Cycle Conference, about the importance of remembering the "human experience" in all aspects of healthcare.

Erika Grotto March 1, 2022
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