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Stemming the outpatient profit squeeze with a revenue cycle workflow gap analysis

Hospital and health system outpatient, outreach and ancillary services are often confined to EHR systems to manage their billing. Designed for bigger-ticket, lower-volume claims, these systems lack specific front-end intelligence, system connectivity, and automation necessary to efficiently manage these departments’ unique billing need. Too often, the result is an unnecessarily high number of submission errors,…

HFMA September 6, 2023

Patient access: The key to a healthy revenue cycle

As hospitals and physician groups face ongoing labor shortages and skyrocketing costs, maintaining effective Patient Access processes is critical. Ensuring efficiency and accuracy upstream helps prevent delayed reimbursement downstream—while supporting a positive patient experience. Download this whitepaper to explore the three patient access processes that can help protect revenue and improve the patient experience. Identify…

HFMA August 29, 2023

5 ways end-to-end RCM improves the employee experience

In today’s healthcare landscape, it can be very difficult to find and retain top talent. The key? Improve the employee experience. See the 5 ways end-to-end RCM can enhance your team’s day-to-day, creating a superior work environment that speaks for itself. Inside this guide, you’ll learn how to improve the employee experience by enabling more…

HFMA August 18, 2023

4 opportunities to improve mid-cycle revenue operations

The quality of a hospital’s revenue cycle processes directly impacts the health of its bottom line. In an age of stagnant margins, hospitals should do all they can to improve revenue cycle efficiency. The mid-cycle—that critical phase between patient registration and claims submission — is a great place to start. Numerous challenges arise during this…

HFMA July 10, 2023

Denials Management Research Report

HFMA, with sponsorship from Waystar, surveyed 415 healthcare finance and revenue cycle executives to understand how denials are affecting their revenue cycle operations.

HFMA June 22, 2023

How Augusta University Medical Center Transformed Patient Access, Improved Patient Experience and Increased Cash Collections to $9M

Augusta University Medical Center (AUMC) was leaving millions on the table and writing off bad debt by not prioritizing pre-service and point-of-service payment discussions. Download the case study to learn how adopting technology to produce accurate cost estimates, and establishing new trainings, protocols and accountability measures around payment collections, helped AUMC transform patient access, enhance…

HFMA June 9, 2023

Out of the back office, into the spotlight: 5 skills revenue cycle leaders need

Healthcare has changed tremendously over the past decade. From increasingly complex payer requirements to growing federal and state regulations to a substantial change in the payer mix (patients are now the second largest payer (27%) behind the federal government (34%), which is mostly Medicare and Medicaid). Today’s revenue cycle is an entirely new animal. What…

HFMA June 9, 2023

Case study: Dartmouth Health achieves 101.6% of cash collection goal

Monthly reconciliation within the large healthcare system had become unpleasantly burdensome. With over 250 systems and practices, the healthcare company needed a platform that would support growth, manage multiple payments types and reconcile to more than one bank, while maintaining a single source of truth for audit and compliance. This case study presents challenges Dartmouth…

HFMA May 22, 2023

Maximizing a remote RCM workforce through technology and transparency

As revenue cycle management (RCM) leaders continue to adapt to the shifting dynamics driven by the pandemic, many are still struggling to effectively manage their new work-from-home (WFH) employees. And with the current workforce shortage situation top of mind for these leaders, the need to offer remote or flexible work environments has become crucial to…

HFMA May 19, 2023

Addressing the Rising Patient Payment Obligation: Impact and Strategies amid today’s challenging healthcare environment

In the Fall of 2021, CommerceHealthcare® sponsored a focused survey conducted by the Health Management Academy (HMA), an organization for executives from the nation’s top health systems and leading companies. The HMA survey involved both quantitative polling and in-depth telephone interviews to explore current issues in patient financial experience. This report combines those findings with…

HFMA May 19, 2023
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