Cost Effectiveness of Health

Cost Effectiveness of Health Report, January 2023

April 28, 2023 1:46 pm

The January 2023 issue of HFMA’s Cost Effectiveness of Health Report, sponsored by Kaufman, Hall &  Associates, LLC, explores ways community partnerships can begin to address the nation’s challenges related to health inequity and social determinants of health. Erica Coletti, CEO of Healthy Alliance in New York state, describes how her organization is leading the way in promoting such partnerships. And a preview of a February hfm article offers examples of health systems across the nation that are pursuing partnerships to move the needle on CEoH.

Partnerships for CEoH

Why community partnerships are so critical for promoting health
By Eric C. Reese, PhD 
Erica Coletti, CEO of Healthy Alliance in Upstate New York, highlights her organization’s experience as a leader in addressing people’s social needs that, if allowed to go unchecked, could lead to medical problems.

How community partnerships can play a central role in reducing cost of care and improving health outcomes
By Lisa Eramo
Only through partnerships with community organizations can hospitals and health systems begin to reach populations that have long been difficult for them to serve due to socially imposed obstacles. Hospital and health system leaders offer insights into partnerships that are making a difference in their communities.

Patient experience

Hospitals face increased need amid pandemic to improve patient throughput
By Brooke Balster, Larry Volkmar, RN, MBA, and Teri Wicker, PhD, RN, NE-BC
An acute care hospital cannot begin to be able to deliver cost-effective care if it lacks a fully coordinated approach for moving patients from admission to discharge.


Improve collaboration and problem-solving skills to ignite cost-effective health
By Aaron Crane
HFMA’s Chair offers guidance on skill sets finance leaders require if they are to address the social barriers that prevent our nation from achieving cost effectiveness of health for all Americans.

Nonprofit healthcare

The end of the traditional nonprofit healthcare business models? 
By David W. Johnson 
The U.S. healthcare system is undergoing a transformation that is changing the game for nonprofit hospitals and health systems to a new game centered on consumerism and value. Nonprofits have a choice of leading the change or having it imposed upon them.

Value-based care

Time to take a fresh look at affiliation options for physicians and health systems
Sponsored by Kaufman Hall
By Matthew Bates, Kris Blohm and Nora Kelly
As the evolving healthcare marketplace continues to create new opportunities and pose new challenges for health systems and physicians, now is a good time for them to reconsider which affiliation models and affiliation partners best meet current and future needs.


Mary Mirabelli and CrossFit Health on the cost effectiveness of health
HFMA and the health- and fitness-focused company CrossFit, LLC, share a commitment to promoting health and wellness through efforts that are ultimately aimed at helping our nation realize the societal goal of cost effectiveness of health (CEoH). CrossFit’s Mike Guardina talks with Mary Mirabelli, HFMA’s senior vice president of corporate strategy and a certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, about what this effort entails and the roles their organizations can play in achieving it.

Healthcare reform

Why the nation could see major healthcare reform legislation soon
By Andrew Donahue
Contrary to common assumptions, there is a real possibility that Congress or the president might pursue major healthcare legislation prior to the 2024 presidential election, in part prompted by Americans’ demand for solutions to inflation affecting healthcare.

Voice of experience

A clinical background can give a hospital CFO greater financial acumen
By Steven Berger, FHFMA
Stephen “Jan” Grigsby, FHFMA, MHA, vice president and CFO at Springhill Medical Center in Mobile, Alabama, talks about how he came to the CFO position from the clinical side of the enterprise, and how that perspective has given him deeper insight for driving his organization’s financial strategy.


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