HFMA Health System Purchase Plans 2023

Finance and Revenue Cycle

Dive into an in-depth analysis on purchasing plans based on feedback from more than 300 health system executives. This report, published by HFMA and Eliciting Insights, a healthcare strategy and market research company, is a wealth of information for healthcare solution providers and investors, offering essential market data for M&A, strategic planning and sales execution. Get a sample of the insights with a free download.

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Key benefits of the report

  • Gain a profound understanding of healthcare organizations’ top purchasing intentions, allowing you to tailor your offerings to customer needs.
  • Discover how top-tier hospital and health system leaders approach solution provider selection, allowing solution providers to better prioritize their product roadmap and establish themselves as trusted partners.
  • Stay ahead with a comprehensive overview of the latest trends, equipping you to innovate in tune with market shifts.
  • A better understanding of how health system executives think about bolt-on versus EMR technology.

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Report published by HFMA and Eliciting Insights