How Healthcare Organizations Are Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Cost by Automating AP Processes

Automate your healthcare organization’s expenses and invoicing in four steps

According to a study conducted by The Commonwealth Fund, administrative costs account for 25% of total US hospital spending — higher than any other developed nation. Whether your organization works in-patient, outpatient, at-home — or somewhere in between — the same challenges remain. Technology continues to advance along with operating costs and patient expectations.

However, finance teams can find refuge in smart software that eradicates tedious manual tasks, guides employee spending, and provides insight into where money is going. In this e-book, we’ll go over how to introduce your organization to an expense and invoice management solution that works for everyone — all while saving time and money.

E-book takeaways

This e-book showcases how automating AP processing tasks enables healthcare organizations to:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce expense/invoice processing time
  • Eliminate risk of duplicate payments
  • Decrease processing costs
  • Increase compliance
  • Track and analyze spend more effectively

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