Optimize Physician Reimbursement with Comprehensive, Technology-Enabled RCM Services

Automation and analytics key to overcoming today’s cash flow challenges

Physician groups face numerous challenges when it comes to sustaining strong, predictable cash flow. Reimbursement rates are flat or falling and payment models are becoming more complex, with frequent changes in payer rules. Organizations that code and bill internally often struggle to track the latest payer guidance, resulting in payment disruptions, delays, and denials.

Revenue cycle leaders also are struggling to meet the growing demands placed on their IT infrastructure amid rising costs associated with maintaining and updating legacy platforms. At the same time, most groups possess neither the financial expertise nor bandwidth necessary to identify and address systemic revenue cycle performance issues.

Download this whitepaper to learn how to reassess your revenue cycle management and consider new approaches that can leverage automation, incorporate advanced analytics, and improve patient collections to help ensure your practice is reliably and consistently collecting every dollar you’re entitled to.

This whitepaper presents five things to think about when exploring ways to implement digital transformation in your healthcare organization:

  • Optimize your investment financing to help fund your digital transformation
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Create total storage flexibility
  • Focus on total cost of ownership when considering capital expenditure decisions
  • Realize financial and operational flexibility

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