Updating Payment Parameters, Waiver Implementing Regulations, and Improving Health Insurance Markets Proposed Rule Summary | HFMA

On July 1, 2021, CMS of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of the Treasury published in the Federal Register a proposed rule setting certain payment parameters and making changes applicable to the 2022 plan year and beyond. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Updating Payment Parameters, Section 1332 Waiver Implementing Regulations, and Improving Health Insurance Markets for 2022 and Beyond (86 FR 35156) proposes to revise user fees for Federally-Facilitated Exchanges and State Based Exchanges on the Federal Platform for the 2022 benefit year, eliminate the Exchange Direct Enrollment option; and extend the Exchange open enrollment period for an additional month. It proposes a number of changes relating to section 1332 waivers, including repeal of interpretations from 2018 Guidance and provides additional guidance related to waiver applications, amendments, extensions and pass-through funding. It includes proposals to eliminate certain separate billing and segregation of funds requirements for the coverage of abortion services; and makes a number of changes related to special enrollment periods, Navigator responsibilities, among others. Comments are due on July 28, 2021.