Principles and Practices Board Statements and Publications

Below is a history of all publications from HFMA’s Principles and Practices (P&P) Board.

P&P Board statements are published in hfm magazine. The printed edition is the definitive version of the statement.

Industry white papers

Reviewing the Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) In Healthcare (May 16, 2024)

Assessing Reality in Healthcare Financial Information (April 14, 2023)

Medicare-Medicaid Crossover Bad Debt Accounting Operational Overview (Sept. 3, 2019)

Issue Analyses

P&P Board issue analyses are available below for free download. If you have questions regarding P&P Board issue analyses, please email the HFMA Member Service Center or call (800) 252-4362, ext. 2. 

TitleMonograph publication date
Current Issues and Considerations in Accounting for Leases6/20
Revenue Recognition Implications Under Topic 606 for Capitation and Risk Sharing Arrangements10/19
Revenue Recognition Under Topic 606 for Provider Tax Programs and Similar Arrangements10/19

Revenue Recognition, Including Implicit Price Concession and Bad Debt Considerations, for Healthcare Organizations: Accounting Issues and Trends

Risk Accounting: What are the Issues and Trends in These Revenue Arrangements?1/16
Questions and Answers on the Affordable Care Act’s Premium Stabilization Programs9/15
Medicare Incentive Payments for Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records: Accounting and Reporting Developments 12/11
Accounting for RAC Audit Adjustments and Exposures6/10
Sample 501(c)(3) Hospital Charity Care & Financial Assistance Policy & Procedures4/09
The Relationship of Community Benefit to Hospital Tax-Exempt Status4/05
Recognition of Other-Than-Temporary Decline in Investments for Tax-Exempt Organizations11/02
Compliance with Laws and Regulations for Healthcare Organizations9/98
Assessing Managed Care Contracting Risk 4/97
Acquisition of Physician Practices 9/95

P&P Board Statements

Statements are available online free of charge for the public. For hard copies, contact the HFMA Member Services Center, (800) 252-4362, ext. 2.

Title hfm 

Healthcare Mergers, Acquisitions, and Collaborations


Public Disclosure of Financial and Operating Information by Healthcare Providers



Assessments and Arrangements Similar to Taxes on Tax-Exempt Institutional Healthcare Providers


16Classifying, Valuing, and Analyzing Accounts Receivable Related to Patient Services



Valuation and Financial Statement Presentation of Charity Care, Implicit Price Concessions and Bad Debts by Institutional Healthcare Providers

revised 12/12; revised 6/19


Accounting and Reporting by Institutional Healthcare Providers for Risk Contracts


Withdrawn Statements

Statement No. 1: Uniform Accounting and Uniform Reporting in Hospitals (hfm-6/77)

Statement No. 2: Defining Charity Service as Contrasted to Bad Debts (hfm-7/78) (Note: Replaced by Statement No. 15)

Statement No. 3: Supplementary Reporting of Hospital Financial Requirements (hfm-12/80)

Statement No. 4: Reporting of Certain Transactions Arising in Connection with the Issuance of Debt (hfm-6/82)

Statement No. 5: Accounting and Reporting for Agency Relationships (12/83)

Statement No. 6: How to Measure Working Capital: Classification and Definition Issues (hfm-9/84)

Statement No. 7: The Presentation of Patient Service Revenue and Related Issues (hfm-4/86) (Note: Replaced by Statement No. 14)

Statement No. 8: The Use of Fund Accounting and the Need for Single Fund Reporting by Institutional Healthcare Providers (hfm-6/86)

Statement No. 9: Accounting and Reporting Issues Related to Continuing Care Retirement Communities (hfm-11/86)

Statement No. 10: Accounting and Reporting Issues Related to Corporate Reorganizations Involving Tax-Exempt Institutional Healthcare Providers (hfm-2/89) (Note: Replaced by Statement No. 19)

Statement No. 12: Accounting for Resource Transfers Among Affiliated Entities (hfm-10/90) (Note: Replaced by Statement No. 19)

Statement No. 13: Timing Differences Pertaining to Third-Party Payment (hfm-1/92)

Statement No. 14: The Presentation of Patient Service Revenue and Related Issues (hfm-10/92)

Statement No. 19: Transactions Among Affiliated Entities Comprising an Integrated Delivery System (6/96)