HFM Magazine: June 2024

Ascension selects Saurabh Tripathi as new CFO

Ascension, a nonprofit Catholic health system based in St. Louis, Mo., recently announced that Saurabh Tripathi, MBA, has been tapped as its new CFO. Tripathi brings more than 25 years of executive experience to the position, including time as CFO and treasurer of Highmark Health, where he led growth initiatives and increased access to care.…

Crystal Milazzo May 31, 2024

Decisive action is key to an ‘always forward’ mindset

It was a training camp that even the most elite athletes struggled to endure: Camp Hale, a WWII winter training ground in central Colorado. The valley floor alone sits at an elevation of 9,200 feet, while the elevation of the mountain ridges where the U.S. Army trained skiers in combat reached nearly 13,000 feet. It’s…

Marc B. Scher, FHFMA, CPA May 31, 2024

Jill Geisler: How to give feedback to your boss

It was a wonderful event. The executive who promoted me and other women into management when it was still a rarity (this was the early ‘80s) was receiving an award for his efforts. In his acceptance, he told the audience, “You’re honoring me for being selfish. I want only the best people on my team,…

Jill Geisler May 31, 2024

Engaging in operating rule development and adoption amidst the era of healthcare automation

Over the past two decades, the healthcare industry has collaborated to accelerate automation, alleviate administrative burdens and lower the cost of conducting common business transactions. Although much work remains to be done to streamline healthcare administration, the industry’s approach to developing and implementing operating rules to improve revenue cycle automation, independent of standards development, is…

Shawn Stack May 28, 2024

Maryland’s example is no solution to healthcare’s true crises

In the wake of Medicare’s enactment in 1965, healthcare costs in the United States began rising at double-digit rates annually.a Many policy experts blamed hospital costs, which by 1980 had reached almost 41% of health spending.b It was believed that if you contained hospital costs, overall health spending would come under control. In 1974, the…

Jeff Goldsmith, PhD May 22, 2024

David Johnson: Site-neutral payment and the battle for healthcare’s soul

In  a remarkable and surprising show of bipartisanship, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act on Dec. 11, 2023, by an overwhelming 320-71 vote. Avoiding hyperbole, the act lives up to its name. It seeks to equalize Medicare payment for the same drugs administered in the same way, whether in…

David W. Johnson May 22, 2024
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