HFM Magazine: June-July 2024

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HFMA June 4, 2024

News Briefs: A second appeals court rules against providers in the 340B contract-pharmacy dispute

A decision issued by an appeals court represents the latest setback for 340B providers seeking to secure price discounts on Medicare Part B drugs. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on May 21 upheld a district-court ruling that drug manufacturers can impose restrictions on the 340B discounts they provide for drugs dispensed at contract pharmacies.…

Nick Hut June 3, 2024

HFMA’s editorial team earns 19 awards for excellence

HFMA has been honored with a total of 19 awards of excellence for various editorial pieces produced and published in 2023. The recognized pieces were as follows: “We know the original content our editorial team produces, including hfm, online posts, blogs, monthly newsletters and podcasts, is valuable to our members because you tell us so…

Deborah Filipek June 3, 2024

How one health system focused on revenue cycle staff education to improve its denial rate

Many longtime revenue cycle leaders can recall a simpler time when insurance companies sold plans that were broadly accepted by providers in their service areas. Back then, hospitals provided services to patients, billed their health insurance plans and expected relatively prompt payment. This is no longer true. Today’s revenue cycle team members must be knowledgeable…

Kristen Shoup, CHFP, MBA, RHIA June 3, 2024

Ken Perez: How 3 presidential candidates are defining their prescription drug pricing policies

What do voters care most about? It’s arguably the most salient question in every election cycle. Each March, to answer that question, Gallup asks Americans to rate their concern about a variety of national issues. This year’s survey asked respondents about 14 different issues.a Inflation came out on top, with 55% of those surveyed worrying…

Ken Perez June 2, 2024

Change is inevitable: What are you doing about it?

Strategies evolve. Operations evolve. Leadership concepts evolve. That’s the circle of life in the healthcare industry. Ongoing changes can affect what healthcare leaders focus on from one year to the next. That idea might well be encapsulated in the differences between what the CFOs featured in this column in FY2022-23 cited as their suggested guiding…

Steven Berger, FHFMA June 2, 2024

What health systems need to know about partnering to develop an ASC strategy

Health systems must contend with conflicting imperatives. While remaining intensely focused on day-to-day operations and financial viability, they cannot ignore longer-term strategic imperatives, which may include building out a full continuum of care to succeed under value-based payment while maintaining market relevance. Yet many health systems face significant impediments to broadening the continuum of care,…

Daniel M. Grauman, MBA, CPA/ABV June 2, 2024

The key role of downside risk in the success of value-based care

The basic idea behind value-based care (VBC) is simple. By encouraging providers to focus on the value rather than the volume of the services they deliver, it should be possible to achieve the twin goals of lowering healthcare costs and improving clinical outcomes. Given that the United States now spends far more per capita on…

Richard Jackson June 2, 2024

Incoming HFMA Chair Marc Scher encourages healthcare finance professionals to be more innovative and strategic

Marc Scher, HFMA’s incoming National Chair, was touring the Colorado Snowsports Museum when he came across an exhibit dedicated to the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army. The 10th was a strategic innovation for the Army, designed to address emerging wartime risks, and it created a significant competitive advantage for the United States during…

Jeni Williams May 31, 2024
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